Gun Rights Activists Descend on the Colorado Capitol to Be Heard

As the the Colorado Senate began debate on a series of anti-Second Amendment measures this morning, protesters supportive of the right to bear arms descended upon the capitol to make there voices heard.


Drivers circled the capitol complex with horns blaring, while protesters lined the street with signs and flags and an airplane circled above with a sign that read “Hick, don’t take our guns.”

Video courtesy of Revealing Politics

Denver Post reporter Lynn Bartels, who began Capitol coverage in 2000 and covered gun legislation in the wake of Columbine, said on twitter that she had “never seen the Capitol like this.” Bartels noted the “swarms of people” at the Capitol patiently waiting to be heard.

While protesters filled the halls and circled the Captiol, a contingent of Colorado’s Sheriffs also showed their support for the Second Amendment. A fact that Senator Jesse Ulibarri attempted to make into a partisan issue, only to be mocked by the local CBS affiliate.

Ulibarri was recently in the spotlight for his suggestion that gun owners put down their firearms and pick up pens as a means of self defense.

This post was originally featured at Media Trackers Colorado.


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