Obama Campaign Staffer Arrested For Sexual Assault

Luke Buchanan, a Field Organizer with President Obama’s reelection campaign, has been arrested and is being detained in Larimer County jail for “Unlawful Sexual Contact” according to reports from CBS 4 in Denver and a press release from the Loveland Police Department.


Based on reports, the assault happened while Buchanan was canvassing neighborhoods for Obama For America.

The victim, a 21-year-old woman, reported to the Loveland police that Buchanan “identified himself as a member of the Obama political campaign and asked to speak with her about her voting status.” According to the press release, after Buchanan was done speaking to the victim he “asked if he could give her a campaign sticker. The victim accepted and the male allegedly grabbed her breasts while applying the sticker to her shirt.”

The Loveland Police Department identifies Buchanan as “a 24 year old Washington, D.C. resident, who was working on the campaign in Loveland.” The release also stated that Buchanan was arrested for “one count of Unlawful Sexual Contact, a class 1 misdemeanor.”

Records found by Media Trackers and first reported by the Denver Post suggest this isn’t Buchanan’s first run in with the law. This March, Buchanan was booked by Santa Monica County for public intoxication According to California Penal Code 647(f) PC, public intoxication means either “your level of intoxication makes you unable to exercise care for your safety or for the safety of others, or your level of intoxication interferes with, obstructs, or prevents others from using streets, sidewalks, or other “public ways.”

The statute does not limit intoxication to alcohol, instead including “influence of intoxicating liquor, any drug, controlled substance, toluene, or any combination” of the same.


Buchanan’s Facebook page lists him as the Field Coordinator for the Fort Collins Obama for America office. Buchanan describes himself as a Field Organizer with Obama for America on his LinkedIN profile. In his biography, Buchanan states that he has a double major in Communications and Environmental studies, and he indicates he is “now working on President Obama’s campaign in Colorado, where I recruit and manage volunteers, perform cold-calls, and collect and input data.”

According to records, Buchanan lived with his parents in D.C. prior to moving to Colorado. Buchanan’s D.C. residence is a luxurious home in a neighborhood where the mean home value is over $1 million and the median income is just under $100 thousand.

A search of voter registration records shows no current or former registrations for Buchanan in either Washington D.C. or Colorado. This despite being responsible for registering voter for the Obama campaign in Colorado.

This post was originally featured at Media Trackers Colorado.


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