Perry's Positive Outlook for America

Gov. Rick Perry has released his second positive ad this week. First, there was the t.v. ad he started running Wednesday in Iowa simply called “Creating Jobs“. You might have missed that one since people were instead focused on attempts to make an issue out of debates, or the President’s birth certificate.


Today he releases an ad titled “Cut, Balance and Grow“. This one highlights his Cut, Balance and Grow plan and is gushing with an optimistic vision for America.

Hopefully this ad can break through the media narrative of the Governor being an angry conservative who lacks vision. His plan, as evident in the video, has inspired people like Steve Forbes, Steven Hayes, Rep. Paul Ryan, Rush Limbaugh, and the Wall Street Journal.

The only question is whether the voters are willing to give this optimistic vision a chance and listen to the message rather than focus on the media narrative that is being pushed about Gov. Perry.

Aaron B. Gardner



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