Action Expresses Priorities.

As we slide ever closer to the edge of the fiscal abyss, it is important that we understand the priorities of the principles involved in the debt ceiling negotiations.


For Republicans the priorities have been clear for some time, cut the debt, cap the spending, and balance the budget.  For the Democrats they’ve really only shown one priority, increasing “revenue” aka tax increases, a priority which they couldn’t pass even when they controlled all of Congress and the White House.

The President has shown that he has a different priority.  He is going to continue to focus on what really matters…  his 2012 campaign.

Behold, via American Action Network’s facebook page:

Of course this doesn’t surprise me, the man is given to extreme bouts of narcissistic behavior.  Whether it be a throw away line of “I won” or storming out of negotiations when challenged, all signs lead to his priority being him.  And nothing more.

And this is true no matter how many times he tells you that you are a unique snowflake.

Aaron B. Gardner


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