Republicans hitting their media stride. Two examples, Buck and Miller.

Both of which are backed by Sen. DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund.

First up is Ken Buck, Republican challenger to incumbent Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet.


This ad had an almost Gahndi like message to it. “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” Buck reminds me of the happy conservatives of old, Reagan and Kemp style. I think the people of Colorado will be very responsive to this ad. Well done Buck.


Next up is Joe Miller, Republican challenger to Democrat Scott Adams and incumbent Senator – and traitor to her party, – Lisa “Princess” Murkowski:


Joe is having a good time here. The Old Spice ads have become an instant classic in pop culture and capitalizing on that is a smart move by the Miller campaign. Smacking around Murkowski for her entitlement attitude was just icing on top of this already delicious cake. Well played Joe.

Seeing these ads come from these two candidates is no surprise. After all, like I noted above, they are backed by Sen. DeMint and his Senate Conservatives Fund.

Aaron B. Gardner

Crossposted on my blog.


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