Follow the Money: CSGV-NRA 2015

If you don’t know the name Emily Miller yet, it’s time to start paying attention, especially as anti-gun groups have chosen her as their next target to bully.

Miller is the chief investigative reporter for the television station WTTG FOX 5 in Washington, DC. In addition to being an award-winning journalist with an impressive background, she is an accomplished author. Her book “Emily Gets Her Gun” documents her own experience getting and registering a handgun as a Washington resident.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has dusted off its old playbook, and rallied their acolytes to go after Miller’s livelihood. Last month, the CSGV circulated a petition to have Miller fired from WTTG claiming a “breach of journalistic ethics.” What was the alleged offense? Miller had the audacity to speak against the District of Columbia’s anti-2nd Amendment laws.

As we’ve seen from the CSGV in the past, this liberal group favors the personal smear campaign over reasonable debate to push their anti-gun agenda. Just a few months ago, 2nd Vote documented the vitriol aimed at American hero Chris Kyle by CSGV supporters. Obviously, in Miller’s case, the CSGV holds her 1st Amendment rights in the same regard as her 2nd Amendment rights.

Genevieve Wood, a reporter for The Daily Signal, commented on the changing tactics of the gun-control lobby earlier this year. Anti-gun activists have rebranded themselves as “safety” advocates due to polling data showing an American public against gun control laws. The applicable example is the fact that the CSGV was originally organized as the “National Coalition to Ban Handguns.”

It would also appear that the gun-control lobby’s chief strategy these days is to demean and slander the opposition when legislative and legal action has failed. In addition to the personal attacks on Miller and Kyle, anti-gun advocates recently pushed a hashtag campaign on Twitter against NRAwhores. The hateful language notwithstanding, the tactic fits the attitude that groups like the CSGV project on a regular basis. After all, the group’s website claims the National Rifle Association promotes “insurrectionist ideology” and has pushed a petition to its membership calling the pro-2nd Amendment organization “treasonous.”

The NRA’s Annual Meeting starts this week in Nashville, Tennessee and officials are expecting over 70,000 gun rights activists and firearm enthusiasts to descend on the Music City. Given the costs associated with attending such an event, NRA members and 2nd Amendment supporters should research how the dollars they spend this weekend could actually be funding groups like the CSGV.

The CSGV is made up of 47 national organizations that position themselves as charities, faith-based entities and social welfare advocates. Some of these members like the National Urban League and the YWCA rely heavily on corporate donations. NRA members flying to Nashville this week should know that US Airways has contributed to the YWCA. For those looking for a place to stay, Hilton Hotels maintains a relationship with the National Urban League. Also, hungry attendees should avoid Darden Restaurant brands like Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse as Darden’s Foundation has given to both the YWCA and National Urban League.

Fortunately for gun rights supporters, there are alternatives that remain neutral on 2nd Amendment issues. Marriott Hotels and Southwest Airlines would be more appropriate choices for pro-gun travelers. Bloomin’ Brands, the parent company of Outback Steakhouse, has also remained neutral, but as a Nashville native I’d recommend NRA members take advantage of the famous meat-and-threes or hot chicken establishments the city offers.

Hopefully, the 2nd Amendment activists will also take advantage of the networking opportunities presented by the Annual Meeting. The blatant willingness of the CSGV and other anti-gun groups to sink to these personal attacks should be a wake-up call to those who want to protect 2nd Amendment rights. The fight isn’t just at the ballot box, but it takes place in our wallets as well.

Chris Walker is the Executive Director of 2nd Vote, a conservative shopper app. To find out more, download the free app or visit