Labor Force Participation Numbers Hit 38 Year Low

The last time that the labor force participation rate was this low, America was in the midst of the Cold War. Yesterday, the job numbers for September were released, and undoubtedly served as a blow to the Obama regime.

For those who do not know, the labor force participation rate is the civilian labor force participation rate of Americans 16 years and older. Yesterday, it was released that along with the measly 142,000 jobs added to the economy, 94.6 million Americans are currently out of the labor force. I guess that number drastically undermines the President’s plan for full employment.

As many liberals enjoy doing (and will do in the future), blaming George W. Bush has been the liberal plan B whenever they are encountered with criticisms of President Obama. In this case, this defense is flawed. You may notice in the graphs below that the participation rate did fall under President Bush. Examine more closely at the sharp downturn of the participation rate. The year it began? 2010. Two years into President Obama’s tenure as President.

Here are three graphs, the last two courtesy of, that further illustrate this immense fall in U.S. employment:





Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.29.34 PM



Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 3.53.56 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 4.06.38 PMAll of these graphs depict the vivid, harsh blow that the labor force participation rate has taken. This rate, the lowest since 1977, is a rate which Conservatives have been reporting on for years now with little to no comment from the Obama White House. However, the President himself stated 2010, “It’s time to do what’s right, not for the next election, but for the middle class.”

Mr. President, the middle class is obviously hurting. Yet continually, economic policy changes are few and far between, and those that are made do nothing but continue to hurt the middle class. These numbers obviously disprove the notion that your liberal economic policies are working. When will real “Change” happen that works for the good of the middle class and the economy, Mr. President?

Should you wish to check the labor force participation rate, you can always find it here:

In case the graph pictures are blurry and illegible, here is the website where you can view them clearly:


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