No ID Necessary: Biden Admin Opposes Bill Requiring Proof of Citizenship to Vote

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There is no sane argument for not requiring proof of identity or proof of citizenship to vote. Most of the nations on the planet require voter ID. It's such an elementary means of ensuring election integrity that it's baffling that anyone would oppose it.


But that's what's happening! The Biden administration has released a statement opposing the SAVE Act, which would require voters to present proof of citizenship before voting. That would include, we can presume, a government-issued identification, although some states are giving these to illegal immigrants, so in those jurisdictions, something like a passport might be required. But this is election security 101, and it's hard to see why any administration would oppose it - and yet, the Biden administration does.

This won't make it harder for eligible people to vote -- it will make it easier for ineligible people to vote. That's what the Biden administration is supporting.


Feature or bug?

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Sometimes you just have to look at the likely outcomes and ask what these people's real goals are. At the end of the day, what are they really trying to accomplish?

The Biden administration's policies have left the border wide open; eleven million people, probably more, are currently residing in the United States illegally.

The Biden administration has opposed any attempt to ensure election integrity -- including verification of identity -- at every turn.

The only conclusion one can draw from that is that the Biden administration is deliberately favoring the importation of people whom they assume will vote Democrat and ensuring that, should they attempt to vote illegally, it will be difficult to prevent them from doing so.

As has been discussed endlessly, the opposition to voter ID laws is particularly baffling. Democrats argue that it will make "underprivileged" communities somehow unable to vote because they are too helpless to obtain a government-issued identification. Not only is this cruelly condescending to the people in question, it makes no logical sense. One literally cannot function in our modern society without some identification. Without an ID, one cannot open a bank account, cash a check, buy a beer, rent an apartment, buy a house, set up the basic utilities for that apartment or house, purchase or drive an automobile, and so many other things required for our modern lifestyle that space doesn't allow listing them all here.


Despite all that, the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress not only oppose voter ID laws, they oppose a law making sure that only citizens vote.

Look at their stance and consider the likely outcome: Decreased election integrity, more people voting illegally, and elections very possibly turned on the strength of those illegal votes. Once you examine that, their motivations for opposing things like the SAVE Act and voter ID laws become shockingly clear. They don't want election integrity; they don't want fair and clean elections. They want just the opposite.



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