Comedian Adam Carolla: Trump 'Destroys' Newsom in One-on-One Match

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Anyone who has not been living under a flat rock in the farthest stretches of Outer Mongolia for the past few days is aware of President Joe Biden's shocking and embarrassing debate loss last Thursday. Since that debacle, there have been oodles of speculation as to what the Democrats are going to do about it. Will they convince befuddled old Joe to surrender his candidacy? Resign as president? Will there be a palace coup in which he and the execrable Kamala Harris are forced out? If so, who will replace them in the 2024 election? 


Gavin Newsom, the impeccably coiffed governor of the once and former Golden State, is often mentioned as the runner-up. Comedian and commentator Adam Carolla thinks that Donald Trump would quickly wipe that smarmy grin off Newsom's face.

Trump would "destroy" California Gov. Gavin Newsom in a head-to-head matchup, actor and comedian Adam Carolla told Fox News' Brian Kilmeade on Saturday.

"Newsom's a sociopath. He's ruined California, and he wants to franchise," he quipped. 

"It's like saying, 'I built the world's worst taco stand in California, and now I'm going nationwide with them. And no one's buying what he's selling. Michelle Obama or somebody like that, maybe that's a different story."

Michelle Obama, of course, has repeatedly said she doesn't want the job. Of course, she may well keep saying that right up to the point where she decides she does, but I think the odds of that are low. For one thing, she would be much more of a political lightweight than many people think; she has never held an honest, non-patronage job since her marriage to Barack Obama, and she has never had to face anyone in open debate on any topic. Trump would mercilessly savage her on the debate stage, and her only campaign platform would be her marriage to a former president and the fact that she's a "woman of color." No, I doubt the Obamas want anything to do with another turn in the White House. They are being steeped in the lifestyles of the rich and famous now, and they seem perfectly happy with pulling some strings from behind the scenes without really being responsible for anything.


Newsom, now, that's another story.

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Carolla also weighed in on "The Sage Steele Show," according to Fox News.

Carolla doubled down on criticizing Newsom just days after announcing on "The Sage Steele Show" that he is packing up and joining the ranks of stars like Dean Cain, Sylvester Stallone and Mark Wahlberg, who have already made the move.

"He's kind of the face of politics and everything that's wrong with politics, which is just this weird aesthetic and a sort of, 'I'd like to have a beer with that guy versus anything good in the policy department,'" he said.

"He's a disaster in the policy department. He's an empty bag. He's a ten cent head, but he's mainly a sociopath. I've interviewed him on my podcast."

I will say this: Gavin Newsom would, for the Democrats, be an improvement over befuddled old Joe Biden or the utterly clueless Kamala Harris. Now, before you ask, "Ward, have you slipped your clutches," consider what that means. I'm saying that Gavin Newsom would be an improvement over a President who is deeply and fundamentally corrupt, who never was particularly bright, and now is sinking deeper into the throes of dementia with each passing day. I'm saying Gavin Newsom would be an improvement over a vice president who rode to political prominence atop Willy Brown's... promises, who has made a career of failing upwards, who could not nail together a complete and coherent sentence if you spotted her three verbs and a conjunction.


That's setting the bar so low I'm not sure that even a resurrected Jacques Costeau could find it.

At this point it's unclear what might happen next; the Democrats are running around in a full-blown panic, as though they were a bunch of long-tailed cats who suddenly found themselves in a rocking chair factory. Former President Trump may well find himself facing Gavin Newsom. If he does, I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Carolla - there's just an awful lot to beat Governor Newsom over the head with.



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