Ocasio-Cortez Is No Longer the Woke Darling at Columbia: She Dared to Support Israel's Iron Dome

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"Autophagy" is properly defined as:

The biological process that involves the enzymatic breakdown of a cell's cytoplasm or cytoplasmic components (such as damaged or unneeded organelles or proteins) within the lysosomes of the same cell.


But as a generic term, it can also carry the meaning of "self-devouring." As such, it applies to what's happening at Columbia University, where "woke" leftist goons are still protesting against Israel's right to defend itself, and turning their ire on one of the "woke" left's darlings, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), as she dared to support Israel's right to prevent missiles from being shot at their citizens. This comes only weeks after the Squad member walked through the "encampment," congratulating the very goons that have now turned on her.

Columbia University’s Students for Justice in Palestine criticized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) for her support of Israel’s Iron Dome, which protects the country from incoming missiles.

Ocasio-Cortez walked through the anti-Israel encampment in late April, just days before it was shut down by university administrators and the New York Police Department.

But here's the fun part. These students aren't calling out the invasion of Gaza, which was perfectly justified, although these young skulls full of mush probably don't see it that way. No, they are calling out AOC because she supports Israel's Iron Dome system.


Why is that strange and confusing? Because the Iron Dome system is purely defensive in nature. It is in place to intercept Hamas and Hezbollah-fired rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, and the West Bank. Rockets aimed at civilian areas, rockets that Hamas and Hezbollah refuse to stop firing. AOC is, for once, correct in supporting this purely defensive technology — which protects everyone in Israel, not just Jews. I'd remind these young skulls full of mush that about one-fifth of Israel's population is Arab Muslims, and the Iron Dome protects them as well.

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There is an old saying, variously attributed to Sun Tzu, Napoleon Bonaparte, and a host of others, that goes "Never interfere with an enemy when he's making a mistake." I would add to that, "Never interfere with your enemies when they are turning on each other," because in such cases, it's all too easy to let them wear each other down and clean up what's left. The only trouble is, the right does it too; one of my complaints with the Colorado GOP when I still lived in that state was that they seemed to be in a permanent circular firing squad.


The Israel-Hamas war, though, is driving the left to distraction. It has exposed a nasty streak of antisemitism, to the point where now you have these useful idiots in keffeyahs on college campuses protesting Israel's defense of their territory. It's as dumb as the "Gays for Palestine" and the Hamas supporters meeting on a street corner and hashing their arguments out.

So what do the rest of us do while the left is engaged in autophagy? Let them fight!



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