Cori Bush, Squad Member, Progressive Radical, and... Faith Healer?

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House Democrats have a problem. Well, Congress in general has many problems, but this is a doozy. House Democrats, we can very well imagine, have to be whispering in quiet corners, "What the heck are we going to do about this? It's embarrassing!"


What is "this?" It's Squad radical Cori Bush (D-MO.) Not only is she and her fellow Squadmates embarrassing daily for a wide array of reasons, but now, in her autobiography, which has sold literally dozens of copies, she one-ups all her Squadmates by taking it to the next level, by describing her career as a faith healer.

Yes, really.

Stories about Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush miraculously healing a woman with tumors and causing a sick toddler to walk have resurfaced. 

In her 2022 autobiography "The Forerunner: A Story of Pain and Perseverance in America," Bush wrote about her time working as a faith healer. During that time, the New York Post first reported she claimed that she had an almost supernatural ability within her to heal others.

One instance included helping a disabled toddler to walk.

Full disclosure: I got to this point in the article and thought to myself, "Oh, this ought to be good." Rep. Bush didn't disappoint.

"The child had had a bleed in her brain, shortly after she was born, and so couldn’t walk. She had never taken a step in her life," Bush wrote. "I carried the child from the prayer room in the back of the church out into the sanctuary . . . ‘Walk,’ I said gently to the three-year-old girl, ‘you will walk.’ And this girl took her first step. Then another, and another. She walked."


I'm not sure what happened here. It is certainly possible that Cori Bush invented this story and made up the details from whole cloth. I would say it's likely that Cori Bush just made this up. What is certain is that Cori Bush in no way channeled any supernatural power to make a paralyzed child walk. This is just another example of her making statements that simply aren't true.

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But wait! There's more!

Another example was Bush healing a woman from multiple tumors. 

"One woman whom we met had several visible tumors on her torso. She was due to have surgery but lacked health insurance and living in the park. One of the tumors was particularly painful to her. I laid hands on her and prayed, and I felt that my hand was no longer touching a tumor. It shrank along with the others on her body," Bush recounted.

Wow. So, the inestimable Cori Bush not only healed this woman's tumors, she did it in a matter of seconds. Is it just me or is this stretching credulity beyond the bounds of good sense?


All of these claims, of course, fall under the category of "I'll take s**t that never happened for $500, Alex." I would bet a substantial sum that these events were made up. What I can't quite work out is why. Why would anyone, much less a public figure whose whole life is a matter of record, just make up stuff like this? What did Cori Bush and her ghost-writer think she had to gain by doing this? What made them think that so blatantly insulting the intelligence of the voters of Missouri's 1st Congressional District was a good idea?

The only conceivable explanation is this: Cori Bush thought they'd buy it. And, well, given that she was re-elected in 2022, it seems that either 1) nobody has read her autobiography - which idea is supported by her (lack of) sales numbers - or 2) Yeah, they bought it. I'm hoping it's the former.



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