Senator Chris Murphy: Wrong on Bump Stocks, Wrong on Guns, Wrong on 2nd Amendment, Wrong for America

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You can cover a lot of ground by simply stating that Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is wrong because he's wrong so much of the time about so many things, it's hard to narrow it down to just one topic. But we shall try, nevertheless, to confine this discussion about how wrong Senator Murphy is to some recent comments he made about the Supreme Court, the bump stock decision, and the Second Amendment.


OK, that wasn't all that narrow, but let's dig in.

Recent gun-related rulings from the high court, Murphy told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” signal it is prepared to “take away permanently the ability of Congress to do simple things like require people to go through a background check or move forward on taking dangerous weapons like AR-15s off of the streets.”

Nothing the Supreme Court is doing is wrong; they are interpreting "shall not be infringed" as the Founders intended it. But that's nothing new; Senator Murphy is wrong on the bump-stock issue, too. Also, it would be interesting to see some actual journalist ask him, "Why the AR-15? Why is it more dangerous than, say, a Winchester 100?" He wouldn't be able to answer, as he is caught up in the same trap so many politicians fall prey to - talking freely about something he knows nothing about.

“This is a Republican administration that banned bump stocks. At the time, Republicans in the Senate and the House were supportive of it,” the Connecticut Democrat said Sunday. “But now that they have got a Supreme Court that seems ready to unwind the entirety of the Second Amendment and take away from Congress or the executive branch the ability to keep our communities safe, they’re once again lining up behind the gun industry.”

Yes, and that Republican administration was wrong. Those Republicans in the Senate and House were wrong. The Supreme Court is correct, and the decision has nothing to do with the Second Amendment; the bump-stock decision was made because a federal agency, in effect, went rogue and badly overstepped what they were authorized to do by Congress. It had nothing to do with the Second Amendment (although it was an effective win for Second Amendment advocates).


But wait! There's more!

“We have a lot of work to do to make sure that something like Sandy Hook never happens again, that every kid gets the chance to graduate,” he said. “But we have some reason to believe that this country is starting to turn the corner and change our laws in a way that makes our kids and our families safer.”    

None of the laws Murphy pushes would make any kids or families any safer, anywhere. If he got everything he wanted - he won't - he would arguably make Americans less safe, as personally owned firearms are used somewhere between 500,000 and 2.8 million times a year to deter crimes. Chris Murphy is mistaken, on this as on untold other issues, and what's more, he's not interested in facts, figures, numbers, or even reality; he is vociferously, consistently wrong, and he seems to be OK with that.

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But it doesn't stop there - CNN was wrong, too.

Bump stocks allow a shooter to convert a semi automatic rifle into a weapon that can fire hundreds of rounds a minute.

No. That's wrong. Bump stocks do not convert anything. The function of a rifle with a bump stock affixed does not change; the rifle still fires one shot per pull of the trigger. And one can easily perform this same action with a rubber band - or a belt loop.


Chris Murphy is a living disproof of the "million monkeys on a million typewriters for a million years" producing the combined works of Shakespeare. For as much as the guy talks and as many topics as he expounds on, you would think that he would get something right just once, even if it was just by accident. But his track record is unbroken - on this, as on so many other issues.



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