Biden Can't Run on 'I'm Not Trump.' Trump, on the Other Hand...

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In politics, especially in campaigns, there's always something to be said for being an outsider; the outsider can take shots at his opponent's track record in office, picking it apart, and dissecting it for campaign purposes. Now, in this current presidential election, neither candidate completely fills that bill, but one of them is out on the outside looking in, a position that allows him to likewise take apart the Biden administration's failures, which are legion.


The Biden administration, being the ones on the other side of that wall, are now claiming that the 2024 Biden campaign won't be limited to "I'm not Trump." 

President Biden’s best chance of a second term may lie in presenting himself as the “Stop Trump” candidate — at least according to a new poll.

A CBS News/YouGov survey released Sunday found that, among likely Biden voters, twice as many were motivated by opposition to former President Trump as by support of the president, 54 percent to 27 percent.

An additional 19 percent of likely Biden voters said they were motivated to back the president simply because he is the Democratic nominee.

But the Biden team is adamant that the campaign won’t be solely about blasting Trump — even as it insists the 45th president poses a clear and present danger to American democracy. 

The Biden argument is that the campaign need not be an “either/or” choice between hitting Trump and defending the president’s record. It will do both, aides say.

Defending the president's record? On what?

Inflation? House prices? Grocery prices? Gas prices? How about our Afghanistan withdrawal? The president's pandering to Hamas murderers? And what more need we say that hasn't already been said about the president's ongoing physical and mental deterioration? That last one is critically important, considering the position in question is arguably the most powerful job on the planet, and while Donald Trump seems to be in pretty good fettle, the same as he was four years ago, Joe Biden clearly is not.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump wasted no time responding to First Son Hunter Biden's conviction on firearms charges and using it to do a lateral arabesque into the many questionable, if not criminal, acts of the entire Biden clan:

That's very typically Trumpian. But he makes a good point: The Biden family's business shenanigans, which sure look a lot like influence-peddling, are low-hanging fruit for Donald Trump's reelection efforts.

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Both campaigns are going to have to run on something more than having the principles point at each other and shout, "At least I'm not that guy." And, unusually, both candidates have a track record as president to run on. But whereas the Biden campaign has, as Ricky Ricardo would have said, "a lot of 'splainin to do," Trump is in the enviable position of being able to point at almost every political and economic indicator and saying, "On (insert item), are you better off now than you were four years ago?" Because the answer in almost every case, is going to be "No." The Biden campaign, on the other hand, has to navigate between the Scylla of bad economic indicators and the Charybdis of Joe's mental breakdown.


There are rumors aplenty right now that someone in the Democrat establishment is either about to or has already belled the cat, and that Joe Biden will use his son Hunter's criminal conviction as a reason to suddenly announce he won't seek reelection in order to take care of family matters. And honestly, if that happened, it would probably represent the Democrats' best hopes for retaining the White House in this fall's election, assuming of course that they could also find a way to show the incompetent Kamala Harris the door.

The election is still some months off. Something dramatic may yet happen in either campaign and the election itself, no matter what else happens, is bound to be close. But what it won't be is boring. 



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