UK Nurses Suing NHS Over 'Transgender' Colleague Harassing Them in Women's Changing Room

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Sooner or later, this madness has to stop.

Women have private spaces for a reason. It's an accepted thing in a civilized society that women, being generally vulnerable to men with ill intent in any case, should have private, women-only spaces such as restrooms, changing rooms, locker rooms, and so on. It's for the safety and mental well-being of women, and frankly, it can also protect men from the odd instance of being wrongly accused. There are just certain activities and spaces that are segregated by sex for a reason. Places where people change clothes — like, say, a healthcare worker changing from street clothes to scrubs — are one of these places.

Those lines, once so clearly drawn, are now being degraded. Fortunately, in the United Kingdom, a group of nurses is pushing back against a "transgender" person, a man LARPing as a woman, from invading their changing room — and harassing the women using that room. They have filed a lawsuit to try to ensure that their women's changing room will only be used by women and that the harassment will stop.

A group of nurses in the United Kingdom filed a lawsuit against a National Health Service hospital system, accusing it of siding with a transgender employee who allegedly harassed female employees in the women's changing area.

"[My manager] was basically told that we needed to be more inclusive, broaden our mindset," one of the nurses who works for the hospital system, called a trust, told Fox News Digital. "The Trust are backing this individual. We need to be educated, which is just, I find that absolutely insulting. Totally insulting. And we needed to compromise."

The harassment was, reportedly, very direct:

The nurses said the biological male employee, who uses a female name, often spends time walking around the female changing room in boxer shorts with male genitalia visible. They said he stares at and initiates conversations with his female colleagues while they are changing clothes. 

"It's been really difficult for all of us," the nurse said. "Some girls have had traumatic pasts, they've been abused by men. Some of them that have PTSD don't want to be in a room getting undressed in front of a male. It's had nurses on the ward crying."

I have, in the last thirty-some years, known and worked with a lot of nurses, both Army and civilian. They tend to be pretty tough people; their line of work requires it. My oldest daughter is a nurse practitioner who also moonlights with the local EMT service and has gone into an active shooting with a paramedic, under fire, to pull a wounded deputy out of harm's way. To see nurses this affected raises the concern level here several notches.

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What's more, the "transgender woman" — a man — is not only physically intact but has ceased all medical treatment because he is trying to impregnate his girlfriend.

There is no sane world in which this person should be in the women's changing room.

The female nurses told management in their March letter that the workplace situation had become "intolerable." They claim the hospital ignored their complaints for nearly a year until that informal meeting in April where the nurses were told to be more inclusive.

They are suing the NHS trust on the basis of sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

These nurses — indeed, all women, everywhere — are right in expecting to have women's private spaces reserved for actual women. They are right to expect women's sports to be confined to actual women instead of LARPing cheaters. They are right to expect that if they have to change clothes for their work (or for any other reason), they can do so without a man, regardless of how he identifies, watching them and harassing them.

That's not "exclusive," or "intolerant." What is exclusive and intolerant is to tell these nurses to shut up and toe the woke line.

We will watch the progress of this lawsuit with great interest; it may set a significant precedent in the UK.


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