The Legacy Media and the Coup Du Publique

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The descent of the legacy media into an arm of the Democratic National Committee has been going on for quite a while now — at least since the Nixon years, probably longer. But there's a more insidious aspect to it; the former reporter and former mayor of Lake Elsinore, CA, Thomas Buckley, has the gist of it down.


A coup du publique is when a small group of people already in power try to further subjugate an entire population by methodically taking away whatever rights they may have left.

That global sense of unease, that nearly audible universal skincrawl taking place across the planet, that unquestionable deprivation of the right to ask questions, that which is happening right now: that is the coup du publique in action.

In a run-of-the-mill coup d’etat, it is axiomatic that the people staging the coup seize the radio station, usually even before they track down and meat hook the unfortunate Great Leader of the People and Terror of the Nation’s Enemies and President For Life and replace him with some other Grand High Dirtbag.

From Guatemala to Gabon, from Albania to Zimbabwe, from the Congo to the Congo to the Congo, taking control of the information infrastructure of a nation has historically been a key component to any successful coup.

And the loss of the capital’s main radio or television station has been a hallmark of failed coup attempts; take Gabon a few years ago which went from this to this in just a few days.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Here's what Mr. Buckley has to say about media control:

Media Control:  Paying directly for positive media coverage, owning media outlets – Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post – controlling what is “true”, the international “acceptable” media never stops its constant drumbeat on behalf of the coup.


There's a lot more to Mr. Buckley's work, but media control is the aspect where the Left has been remarkably successful - so far. All of the primary legacy media outlets and many of the cable/streaming services are solidly in the hands of the Left - including, arguably, Fox News. This isn't a surprise, not to anyone who has been paying attention for the past few decades. The leftward move of the media began after the Second World War but was cemented in place during the Vietnam conflict, the first televised war. That time brought the horrors of war into everyone's living rooms, every evening. At the time, the anti-war movement was owned by the Left, and no less than veteran commentator Walter Cronkite went on the air and urged an end to the conflict.

It was the Watergate issue and, later, the Reagan Presidency when we saw the three networks and the major newspapers complete their swing to the Left. The Left now owns the legacy media, and their efforts to control the public discourse are accelerating. That's part of the coup du publique as well.

There is, however, a bright spot in the media picture. Thanks to the rise of the internet, the alternative media presents Americans with an embarrassment of riches, and you're reading one of them now. There are many others, and despite the filtering, shadow-banning, and search-engine-limiting, the message is getting out. In a way, it's kind of fun; we're the rebels now, and the Left, the establishment. That's important, and one of the few causes of optimism in the once and former free world right now. It's fun being a rebel. It's not so much fun being The Man. And when the establishment is having to defend, well, this, and this, well, that can't be a lot of fun. We'll keep turning up the heat, and they'll keep getting more and more disturbed.


The coup du publique isn't complete yet. There's hope. You can't stop the signal.

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