The Way Things Are Going, They're Gonna Crucify Me.

Apologies to John Lennon. Concept by Al Armendariz, Administrator of EPA Region VI. Repair Man Jack posted the video with analysis here.

No apology is necessary, Mr. Armendariz. In a perverse way, your comments reveal the tactics of your agency, and more importantly, the philosophy which motivates Mr. Obama’s entire Administration.


It also speaks of the arrogance of a government that thinks its citizens are its subjects, and whose middle managers find amusement in crushing people’s lives and livelihoods.

One more thing about the Roman analogy — mmm, as I recall, that strategy didn’t work out too well for the Romans. Does Mr. Obama play the fiddle?

If it sounds like I take this issue personally, I plead guilty.

My employer is a small oil and gas company. All of our operations are in EPA Region VI which Mr. Armendiaz oversees. I’m the operations manager, so the threat of crucifixion falls squarely upon me.

Rush Limbaugh characterized the crucifixion comment as a vendetta against Big Oil.

Wrong-o. EPA is after smaller oil and gas companies, like Range Resources (800 employees) and my company (24 employees). Big Oil has unlimited resources and staff attorneys to fight back. EPA can much more effectively achieve their goals by singling out the little guy who they can crush like a bug.


Or crucify, as it were.

I am a citizen. I am a taxpayer.

You work for me.

Don’t threaten me with crucifixion.

This guy Armendariz needs to go. His boss need to go – Armendariz’s comments were recorded in 2010.

We’ll take care of the Big Guy in November.


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