Who's the Highest-Paid State Employee in California?

That would be Dr. Jerry Rohlfing, a prison doctor who “has a history of mental illness” and whose treatment has been judged “substandard”. He’s currently working in the medical records office at the High Desert State Prison in Susanville, because supervisors don’t trust him to see patients.


In 2010, the good Dr. Rohlfing received payments from the state totaling over $777,000, which includes his base pay of $236,000 plus two years’ back pay resulting from a successful appeal of his termination.

If this is how they run public health care on the Left Coast, what’s not to like about Obamacare?

California Prison Doctor Who Is Barred From Treating Patients Earned $777,423

Rohlfing was placed on probation for five years in 1996, according to Medical Board of California records, because of “bizarre, irrational and delusional communications” with the staff of Valley Children’s Hospital in Fresno, where he then worked.

In July that year, he appeared at the hospital “disheveled…agitated” and strongly smelling of alcohol and accosted a staff member, who called police, according to the board records. After a car chase with police, cops placed him in psychiatric hold. Two weeks later, he was again placed in psychiatric hold.

Despite his history, Rohling was hired as a prison doctor in 2003, Kincaid said. …

His clinical privileges were revoked and he was fired in 2007. But he won his appeal to the State Personnel Board in 2008 for being terminated, Kincaid said. The state appealed but the ruling was upheld. Health officials, who still didn’t have confidence in Rohlfing, voted to continue the revocation of Rohlfing’s clinical privileges, Kincaid said.


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