David vs. Goliath: Big Government's War on an Amish Farmer

You're about to hear the story of how a court in Cumberland County, Virginia, authorized the state's Department of Agriculture to seize a small-town Amish farmer's private property under state law. Townhall traveled to speak with that cattle farmer, Samuel Fisher, the sole owner of Golden Valley Farms. Since the seizure warrant was served, dispatching authorities to raid the 100-acre farm, Samuel has been criminally charged; his poultry products, which about 500 customers and their families rely on for food, were confiscated and hauled to the dump; and his meat sales—his livelihood—have been shut down indefinitely. Out of respect for the Amish farmer's religious beliefs and lifestyle, Townhall did not film close-up footage of Samuel's face or his family. This is Samuel's story, in his own words.

12:45 PM on August 18, 2023

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