Volunteer for Rahall Campaign Shows Support for Hamas

With the Middle East becoming a hot bed for violence thanks to ISIS and Hamas, support for Israel is more important ever. Yet, Congressman Nick Rahall not only has supported Hamas in the past, but West Virginia’s 3rd District Representative put his Huntington field office in the hands of a blatant Hamas supporter.


Pictures started coming out yesterday of Collin Peterson, the field organizer for Rahall’s Huntington office, expressing support for Hamas, anti-Israel bias, and even sporting a keffiyeh and AK-47 in a picture. On his LinkedIn profile, he describes himself as a Democrat Party operative.

“In my short time as a career Field operative with the Democratic Party, I have represented 8 names in the field (9 if you include the Vice-President),” Peterson wrote. “Each of them is currently holding public office.”

He has since deleted his Facebook page, but several Republican operatives saved screen grabs. It shows a young man with disturbing tendencies. His Facebook page was filled with pictures supporting Hamas and attacking Israel.

One picture shows he formed Students for Justice in Palestine at Randolph-Macon College in 2012. Other pictures include icons stating “Stand with Gaza,” “Freedom for Gaza,” and other pro-Hamas icons. The money shot, however, is Peterson posing wearing an arabic keffiyeh scarf and holding an AK-47, a common rifle used by Hamas and other islamic terrorists.

The following quote was written on the picture caption:

“All who wear the keffiyeh, wherever they are in the world, whatever nation they call home, regardless of race, religion, nationality or ethnicity, they shall be regarded as the sons and daughters of Palestine. And those who oppose Zionism in its entirety, who stand for what is just, they shall be honored as citizens of the world.”


It’s really quite fitting. Congressman Rahall was one of 16 Democrats who voted against House Resolution 575 in 2005. The resolution expressed the will of Congress that Hamas should not be allowed to participate in elections for the Palestinian Authority. Hamas became the ruling party in the Gaza Strip. Ask Israel how that is working out.

For a campaign already in trouble, having photos of this staffer’s love of Hamas is a huge blow. Voters need to ask themselves if they should continue to send Rahall back to Congress.


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