Even More Trouble For Chicago Prosecutor Kim Foxx

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The problems for Cook County states attorney Kim Foxx continue to mount.  Not only is she and her office under the microscope over the dismissal of charges in the Jussie Smollett hoax but now the death of a Illinois State trooper may be on her hands.


On Saturday trooper Gerald Ellis was struck and killed on Chicago’s I-94 Tri-state by a wrong way driver, who was also killed in the crash.

That driver Dan Davies, had over 70 traffic citations in the Chicagoland area, including more than 20 for driving without a license, to go along with nearly two dozen arrests for everything from criminal damage to property, assault, domestic battery, drug possession, and at least 2 DUI’s dating back to 1990 according to police and court records obtained by Chicago’s NBC affiliate.

NBC 5 Investigates has learned that since he was a teenager, in addition to his dozens of traffic stops, he also was charged in 22 additional criminal cases… where he faced repeated charges of criminal damage to property, assault and battery – including battery on a police officer and domestic battery – drug-dealing, and drug possession.

Davies was found guilty in seven of those cases, but served a total of only 53 total days in jail – less than two months, including a sentence of just ten days for a conviction stemming from his first DUI arrest in 2010.


less than 60 days in jail, TOTAL! Assaulting police, multiple driving without licenses, 2 DUI’s, drug possession, domestic battery. What in the world was this man doing out on the streets.

Mr. Davies latest DUI arrest was in November of 2018:

On Nov. 11, Illinois State Police stopped Davies, again in the 2018 Toyota, and charged him with seven violations: driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs, DUI with an alcoholic / intoxicating compound, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, driving on a suspended or revoked license, illegal stopping/standing/parking and transporting or carrying alcohol.

This case was transferred to Cook County Criminal Court – Case number 19-CR-02676 – and Davies was charged with four class four felony counts of aggravated DUI with a revoked or suspended license, and two additional class four felony counts of aggravated DUI with no valid driver’s license.

In early March, Davies appeared in front of Judge Peggy Chiampas and pled not guilty, and Judge Chiampas released him on bond. He made another appearance in front of Judge Chiampas on March 18 when again he was released on bond.

Thirteen days later, Davies got into the same Toyota and, according to police, drove the wrong way down Interstate 94 and crashed into an SUV driven by Trooper Gerald Ellis, killing them both.


For over 20 years Illinois authorities have known about Davies, have known that he never once got a drivers license and yet continued to drive year after year.  For Decades prosecutors in the Cook County States Attorneys office have known about Mr. Davies reckless driving, violent behavior, and drug history. Yet time after time as one reviews his history with the Chicago court system show his prosecutions being dismissed or at worst being slapped with some bond and community service.

For example in 2015 Mr. Davies was charged with assaulting peace officers, resisting arrest and violating his probation, his ultimate punishment 40 days in jail with all time credited to time served and had his probation for drug possession ended.

In the last year and a half Davies was arrested for battery, domestic battery, possession of cannabis, driving on a suspended license twice, DUI, carrying alcohol, and no insurance, among other charges.


This career criminal and habitual offender was allowed to remain free roaming Chicago’s roadways, roads he had no business being on, which ultimately lead to the death of Trooper Ellis and Mr. Davies. Both of these men would be alive today had Chicago prosecutors done their job.


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