The Anne Frank Center's Selective Outrage Over Nazi Comparisons

Last week, actor, comedian, and Home Improvement-alum Tim Allen compared the current climate for conservative actors in Hollywood to 1930s Germany and a lot of people got a laugh.


My colleague Brad Slager covered it here.

Now it appears that the Anne Frank Center is calling out the actor for supposed anti-semitism in his comments, suggesting that Allen was insensitive to the plight of the Jewish people in German during that time.


My question is, where has the Anne Frank Center been during the last several months (if not years) when the liberal media has been off in Compare-Trump-to-Hitler Land?  This desire by the media to go full Godwin at every turn is just maniacal.

Here are just a few examples of the madness:



Now we have the Anne Frank Center off criticizing someone who compared liberals to nazis.  A quick review of their twitter account during the times that the three above articles were printed, the Anne Frank Center said NOTHING about those comparisons.  In fact, during the final Guardian article, the Anne Frank Center was just fine likening anti-semitism to the pressure Muslim’s are facing under the Trump Administration’s travel ban.   During Tim-Allen-Gate, The Center has tweeted 5 times to voice their anger with his comments.  Comparing Conservatives to Nazis?  Just Fine.  Comparing Liberals to Nazi? Hate Speech.

To go around with the name of Anne Frank and use it for political purposes is terrible.  Nothing, we have seen from Trump’s administration suggests that anyone has to hide in an attic for a period of years fearing they will be killed.  The very comparison of Trump’s policies (as silly and stupid as they are) to Hitler’s rampage is downright disgusting.  Even more so is the supposed anger towards “islamophobia” in the United States, but the ignoring of the stated fact that Islam is inherently anti-semitic.  Doing all this while hiding behind the name of one of the most recognized victims of the Holocaust?  Don’t even get me started.


Only in the typing of this article, and the backlash that the Center received from their partisan jab did they FINALLY denounce a Trump/Hitler comparison, but in perhaps the most backhanded of ways:

To sum up: Even though Trump is kinda Hitler, We condemn the use of swastikas.  As long as you keep your Hitler comparison’s to text, we’re good.  Swastikas or little Hitler mustaches are off limits.

At the very least, good on them for their veiled attempt at a non-partisan comment. I really do mean that.  Let’s hope this the Center’s turning-over-a-new-leaf moment.


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