WATCH: Gowdy Takes Hatchet to Today's Testimony; "You Can't Cross-Examine Hearsay"

Trey Gowdy solidified his rockstar status in the Congress today as he took Comey to task over the “investigation” (which he said very little about anything specific).


At the end of today’s questioning Gowdy hit a very excellent point on the Trump-Russia investigation.  That specifically, everything that has been released up until this point is nothing more than hearsay.  He even employed Comey in helping to define it:

Gowdy: What is hearsay?

Comey: Information you don’t know of your own personal knowledge but from someone else. 

Gowdy:  It’s an out of court statement offered to prove the truth of the matter asserted.

Comey: I was trying to be a little less lawyerly…

Gowdy: Well, we will go with your answer and it is almost never admissible in court? How about anonymous sources?  When you were in the Southern District could you ever call an anonymous source to testify in one of your proceedings?

Comey: No

Gowdy:  You couldn’t even use hearsay unless there was some widely accepted exception and what I’ve heard this morning in some cases is quadruple hearsay.  So it would never… A newspaper article would never, ever, be admitted as evidence in a courtroom.  So the system we respect would laugh you out of court if you came in armed with a newspaper article, but in the political process, that’s enough. 



What a fantastically put point.  When the ranking member (Adam”Petulant Child” Schiff”) uses newspaper articles containing information that supposedly can’t be legally used or even verified, sourced anonymously as evidence to stick the President with some accusation, is nothing more than a stunt, and a potentially slanderous one at that.

Gowdy didn’t stop there.  He went on to ask about cross examination, and how that particularly applies to these accusations and the “anonymous sources” that the media has been using.

ROCKSTAR.  He laid it out perfectly.  We can be simultaneously concerned with the effect Russia could have had on our elections, while at the same time questioning the leaks and their legality.  What no one is asking is despite any contact Flynn or others may have had, if there is no illegal action, the release of their information is political and illegal.

Now we have this information (if real and accurate), illegally obtained and released, being submitted into a Congressional hearing to refute claims of the obtaining and release of classified information! It is literally a circular argument.


The left attempted to submit news articles that referenced unnamed and anonymous sources as evidence.  This creates this circular argument and self-fulfilling prophesy.  Articles in December motivated the FBI to open additional investigations into the Trump-Russia claim.  Now Democrats sit in a committee, using these articles as evidence of this.  Even at one point Republican testimony pointed to a story that was written in early December that was later quoted VERBATIM in a FBI report THAT HADN’T BEEN WRITTEN AT THE TIME.  How is that even possible?

While people like Adam Schiff continue to perpetuate this, I’m just glad we got guys like Trey Gowdy defending this issue with fact and reason.


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