VIDEO: Run For Your Lives! BBC News Crew Caught Up in Volcanic Explosion

I may be a bit of a sadist, but I really get a kick out of humans doing extremely stupid things for the sake of “pushing the limits.”  I’m not talking about skydiving or something that has an extremely low risk.  I am talking about things like jumping into shark infested waters or, like yesterday, getting caught up in a volcanic explosion.


Mount Etna, a volcanic mountain located in Italy, has roared back to life over the last several weeks, spewing red hot lava and molten debris into the air and down its rocky slopes.  Yesterday, a BBC news crew ventured onto the cranky crag to capture a bit of the drama, when they quickly became a part of it.

In the video, you can hear screams and see streaming debris raining down on the unwelcomed visitors.

Later in the video, you see one of those injured, cleaning a bloody wound from his head.

Reports off the mountain say that people were burned by the debris and steam, and some clothes were even melted and burned.

Here’s a great idea:  If there is a volcano erupting, Stay the hell away.


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