A Young Black Male With An ID Card, Who Voted Without Disruption In 2012

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In 2012 I voted at the Hazelwood City Hall in Hazelwood, Missouri. I voted for Mitt Romney and it was a painless, stress free process. I had a picture id in my black Timberland wallet. As a matter of fact, I had my picture id, my social security card, and my First Community Credit Union debit card all in the same Timberland wallet (go figure).


The hardest part of voting was the trip to city hall. It was cold, wet, and I just didn’t want to walk less than a mile to vote for a candidate I was only voting for because I was voting against the incumbent Barack Obama.

My non driver’s id card was first issued to me in 2006 when I was a senior in high school. I’m 27 now, the card had long expired but the nice old white lady (no she wasn’t racist and she didn’t try to deny me the right to vote) still accepted the form of identification even after I let her know upfront that it had expired.

I don’t understand the outrage over laws that require voters provide a form of id that states clearly they are who they say they are. I suppose black people are just lazy…anyone? Anyone? Oh alright I’ll go ahead and stick to that claim: Black people are just plain lazy; not all but many.

I had this conversation with my mom and sister who voted that year, both are black of course (obviously). They shared the same view on the laws and those who are so dead set against them. Their argument was that of my own, in question form: “Why is it so hard for black people to provide forms of identification, and why do white people assume they cannot?”


I assume a majority of black people have a valid driver’s license, or do my brothers and sisters ride dirty?

I assume most black people have with them at all times their driver’s license when they you know, are out driving their car

I assume most black people were able to vote during the 2012 general election

I assume if required by law most black people could provide valid forms of identification when they go to vote. Or is that assuming too much?

I did, and not only did I vote but I also saw other black people who were able to provide valid id and vote for Barack Obama. These were black folks, like myself, who flashed driver’s licenses and id cards, voted, and left…..like I did.

No one was standing in line with their passport or birth certificate, but nearly all the folks I encountered at my local city hall had their non driver’s and driver’s licenses on the ready so the election workers could determine they were who they claimed to be. I forgot to mention I had to confirm that I lived at the address I wrote down on the registration card, but that was no big deal either.

The real scandal is what the great David Limbaugh talked about in his article on Townhall.com. And that is, his overall point is that the truly amazing (in a bad way) thing we’re seeing in this uproar over voter id laws, is the uproar over voter id laws and the fact that the federal government led by Eric Holder and the Justice Department are so focused on eliminating the id laws passed by several state governments.


Limbaugh talks about the astonishing fact that the issue is even being debated and openly attacked, that is the left and left wing black leaders are openly attacking states that have voter id laws on the books. That’s like someone opposing laws that protect children against sex offenders because it might discriminate against sex offenders. Well no, the laws are in place to protect children from sex offenders, and voter id laws are in place to protect the integrity of the voting process, not to keep black and brown people from voter ever in evernessness.

Case in point, I voted in 2012…I’m black, I’m young, and male, I’m the poster boy for who these evil voter id law masterminds want to keep from voting…..except they didn’t, because I did….and I had id on me.

Black people are fully capable of providing a form of id at the voting booth, except when they just don’t feel like it, which is the case a lot of times because sadly black folks often don’t want to handle their business. The reason white people are more likely to have a valid form of identification in any circumstance isn’t one of a racial conspiracy, but of the unfortunate fact that in America black people often get caught with their pants down in situations because like I said my people don’t like to handle their business before and after they are put in situations that required they handle their business beforehand…follow me?


If I’m able to provide a form of id upon voting why can’t other black people?

You do know I’m black right?


El Fantasma



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