Watercooler 1/18/16 Open Thread - #EpicFail, Must know English, Jeb has a plan


Trump’s a wazzock? As I am writing this the British parliamentary committee is still debating whether or not to ban Donald Trump from that country. This came about through a petition which argued his views on banning Muslims from the USA is viewed as hate speech.  Technically though the body can’t ban Trump. Britain’s Home Secretary would be the one to decide that. Still, Parliament is arguing about it.   This running timeline from the Telegraph shows one person in attendance called him a “dangerous fool.” Another referred to him as a “demagogue”. Another member said he was “bonkers” and went on to say her members would call him a “wazzok”.  Had to look that one  up. Make sure I wasn’t breaking any decency laws. Turns out it means a stupid or annoying person.


Paying for education the Jeb! way: Jeb Bush has put out his education plan that’s heavy on financial details. Part of his plan would let current student loan borrowers repay based on income and would also allow private student debt to be discharged through bankruptcy.  The Hill has more up:

As part of his new savings accounts, college students would also get a $50,000 line of credit through the account to help pay for college or career training. For every $10,000 they use, they would be expected to repay the money using 1 percent of their income for 25 years. 

complete picture of his plan is at Medium.

#Epicfail: Hillary Clinton put out a tweet yesterday, and the response was about what you would expect. What I would expect. Honestly, what everyone but Hillary expected.

There should be no bank too big to fail and no individual too big to jail.” —Hillary  #DemDebate

You read it right…no individual too big to jail.  The Washington Examiner has up a few of the twitter flybys that dumped on her after this stunning statement. And here we wondered if she might get a pardon if charged with criminal activity related to personal server issue.  Meanwhile, over at the Google, The Hill reports  during last night’s debate the top trending question on the search engine was “Will Hillary Clinton get prosecuted” with the second one inquiring “What did Hillary Clinton do that is illegal?” Somehow, these two stories go together.


Cheap, cheap: There’s a gas price war going on in Houghton Lake Michigan. CNBC found some stops have a gallon at below 50 cents.  You might have enough pocket change to fill up a motorcycle tank at those prices. Of course, if you’re driving around Houghton Lake in the middle of winter on a motorcycle you’ve got more important issues to consider than the price of gas. Last check it was 13 degrees, 17 mph winds and snow expected.

English language required: Well, in England it is. British laws already require a spouse speak English before going to Great Britain to live with their partner. But to better integrate Muslim women into British society, these people can expect more testing. Prime Minister David Cameron said additional tests would take place after two and a half years to make sure they’re improving. “People coming to our country, they have responsibilities too.” Cameron says poor English skills leaves the immigrants “more susceptible” to messages from groups associated with Islamic States. If their English isn’t up to snuff,  they could face deportation.

One final time? Brady v Manning. ’nuff said.

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr Day:  In April 1963, several clergy sent a letter to Dr. King asking him to hold off on civil rights demonstrations in Birmingham AL.  He penned back with what is known as the  “Letter from a Birmingham jail”.  You can read it here at RedState


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