Trump done with Fox because...Momma, they're picking on me again!

GOP Republican frontrunner Donald Trump has decided he’s done with Fox News. Again. I know this because it was on Twitter.

Once again the blame can be laid squarely on the feet of the announcers who have treated him, in his view,  unfairly.  Not the least of which has been, according to him, Megyn Kelly.  At this point, maybe those two should just “get a room”. Perhaps if they both come out a bit disheveled we could get on with our presidential primary and not worry if Trump’s feeling’s were hurt today.  But seeing as that probably won’t happen for awhile, Trump will be forced to get his free publicity elsewhere and that will leave a little more airtime for our other candidates to get roasted and grilled.  Hope they’re up to it.

So, why did he do it?  Fox is considered by many to be easier on Republicans than other outlets so if he wants to reach GOP voters seems like it’s the TV network you’d want to be on.  If someone really, really doesn’t want airtime on a network just say no thanks when a producer calls to set you up for a show.  Accept invitations from the networks or announcers who don’t make you uncomfortable.  it won’t get you to a wider audience but at least you’ll be out of the fire.

But of course saying no to a producer wouldn’t generate any publicity.  So to get publicity off his decision to give up Fox’s free publicity,  he had to tweet out a mini press release saying basically No More Fox – thereby generating a little free publicity.  Also, there’s a theory floating on the web that the last time Trump and Kelly had a spat his poll numbers went up and he got a lot of adoration. Will the magic work again?  We’ll soon find out.

Trump loves to run to the court of public opinion or at least the court of his Twitter followers.  Remember it hasn’t been that long ago when the GOP forced Trump’s hand and made him swear he would not run third party and would support  victor in the Republican primaries, but he wanted to be sure he would be treated fairly by the GOP first.  After awhile, I guess he felt he was treated fairly and went on to sign the oath.  And he also wore his heart on his sleeve when he felt slighted by Kelly at the first debate so that he and Roger Ailes had to meet in some neutral-suedoSweden realm to iron out difficulties. But Trump kept the world abreast by tweeting what he felt was pertinent information.  He does that a lot.

Twitter is a cute tool. It proves useful to candidates who need to get out information quickly plus it’s less cumbersome than trying to keep up with all the email addresses.  But it’s not your momma.  It won’t wash your mouth out with soap when you say something bad. It won’t pick up your dirty underwear. And it won’t  protect you from all the slings and arrows that come your way.  Trump can’t keep running to Twitter and crying “Momma, they’re picking on me” every time someone hurts his feelings.  Twitter might not mind being a well used tool but followers will get tired of being treated in a similar fashion. Stop whining and running to Twitter every time #paranoia strikes.  Get on with your campaign if you’re serious about a presidential run. If not, quit wasting everyone’s time.







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