My Apology to CNN: You Did Throw Joe Biden Under the Bus - America Thanks You for It

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After some of the dust has settled from last night's CNN presidential confab between current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, I think now is the right time for me to come to the front page of RedState and make an admission.


I got it wrong.

Not as wrong as the people who have been defending Joe Biden since day one and saying that he was competent to be president. My mistake was on a much smaller scale. Joe Biden was never competent as a senator so he could never be as president and anyone who had ever met him or talked with him understood this. 

You won't hear an apology from DC insiders like former Senator Claire McCaskill (MO) or Van Jones, who knew that Biden was having trouble with his mental acuity but continued to play along as if everything was fine. They both had to admit after last night's performance that the charade was over.

I got it wrong because I thought CNN would do a better job at trying to cover up for the old guy, and minutes after the show ended were throwing his read end under the Trump 2024 bus.

I wrote just the other day about the pre-show spectacle at CNN.

CNN: Desperately Trying to Make Sure They Do Their Part in Protecting Joe Biden During This Week's Debate

The slow drip of people aligned with the Democrats, from David Axelrod to James Carville to the Cuomo boys, who have been saying Joe has to go is the first sign of a presidency in peril. These people are dyed-in-the-wool party loyalists who would vote for Satan if he was assured of winning, and Joe is not assured of anything currently but freezing up.

Chris Cuomo Latest Democrat to Pile on Biden About Debate,
Speculates on Withdrawal From Race

CNN and Kasie Hunt have the solemn duty to do everything they can to keep the Joe Biden 2024 train on the tracks, but the engine of that train is leaking everything that makes a well-running engine run. Mostly oil, which in this case is just pure common sense — which, of course, most Bidens lack.

Hunt getting ticked off that her "colleague" Jake Tapper is being attacked for his actions over the past eight years is just pre-debate blather to try and use as an excuse after the possible unraveling of the Biden election bid because some Democrats will blame Tapper, CNN, and everyone else but Jill Biden after this event. This is the nature of politics, of course, but it is different this time.

They can't hide Biden in the basement this time and I don't even know if CNN has one. The brass at the network probably thought this was a great idea when they scheduled it, but after the last month of seeing Biden freeze up and babble, their task just became impossible.


I don't expect a low-level correspondent like Kasie Hunt to know that Biden is in that bad of shape, but you know that David Axelrod and James Carville have known, and they make occasional appearances on the network and should have at least whispered in the other's ears that this could turn out to be a disaster. Van Jones, who is a CNN star, has known forever, and his pleading on air yesterday about how devasted he was that Biden did not meet the low bar that was set for him was just a bunch of malarkey. Van Jones likely has people inside the White House and knows what breakfast cereal Joe dribbled on his PJs every morning.

I just figured they would have offered more cover for the codger, but I was dead wrong — and happily so.

So, while I come and humbly ask for forgiveness, what will the Fourth Estate folks who knew and lied to not only the American people but those media moguls in the press who kept telling them that Joe had one more trick up his sleeve do?

My colleague Brad Slager covered part of that earlier on Friday.

Joe Biden Did Not Just Sink His Reelection Bid at the Debate;
He Took the Press Down With Him

On CNN, their panel of experts all appeared as if a concussion grenade had gone off seconds before going live. They were collectively stunned at the display of President Biden, and this was for good reason. That network had done just about all it could to benefit Biden for Thursday’s matchup, from rigged debate protocols to compliant moderators, as well as Dana Bash trying to goad Trump by calling him “ex-President.” There was even something long suspected that was revealed – Erin Burnett let it slip that Biden likely knew the questions ahead of time. Despite all concessions, Biden looked that horrendous mere minutes into the proceedings. 

At MSNBC, their gathered Algonquin brain trust was no better, with wan excuses made early in the aftermath that quickly were forgotten; Biden had a cold, he was “overprepared,” and it made him flustered while answering, the American public expects a super-hero in the White House, and even desperate comparisons to FDR in a wheelchair were attempted. Nicolle Wallace, possibly the most sycophantic of Biden bootlickers, was uttering the very words about replacing Biden, words which she had previously charged others with being democracy-threatening conspiracy nutters. Joy Reid attested that she was texting left-wing power brokers during the debate, and the word she used to describe the collective reaction was — “panic.”


Most of these simpletons should have known Biden was this way. If they had no idea they should be fired for not doing their jobs. Most of them now covering their rear ends should be mocked and scorned until the end of time for defending this charade of Biden as anything other than what he has always been.

A low-level elected government hack.

Thank you to the CNN brass who put this together for America to see.

We owe you one.



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