Team Biden Is in a Panic Over the Trump Social Media Machine Bulldozing Them

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If there is one thing that's been consistent both on the pages here at RedState and also among the leftist chatterboxes who are desperately looking for excuses to cover for Joe Biden and his behavior it's this: We all realize that Joe is no longer fit for office, even if the left won't fully admit it. You know that we know that they know it is true.


If you knew about him when he was a senator from a state you couldn't find on a map and his eight years as vice president under Barack Obama, you already knew he was not fit. Yet the 2020 election was not about Joe Biden and his policy history — it was based on just hating on Donald Trump. Well, now that the country has gotten a dose of the real Joe Biden for the past three and a half years it seems that they're willing to put aside their dislike of Trump and dump the guy who replaced him because he should be relaxing in a convalescent home.

The Biden team is hitting a panic button — and with just a week to go until the vaunted POTUS debate over at the lackluster CNN as my colleague Becca Lower explains in her latest piece here at RedState.  

NEW: Trump Maintains Lead vs. Biden in Battleground States, As We Draw Nearer to First Debate.

From her post...

In a new snapshot of the state of the race, polling from Emerson College and The Hill suggests that former president, Donald Trump is keeping -- or widening -- his lead against Biden in six, key swing states:

Former President Donald Trump is running the table against President Biden in six battleground states, fresh polling shows.

The surveys from Emerson College and The Hill show the 45th president edging out Biden in Arizona (47%-43%), Georgia (45%-41%), Michigan (46%-45%), Nevada (46%-43%), Pennsylvania (47%-45%), and Wisconsin (47%-44%).

The report continues: "In all six states, Trump’s lead has either remained the same or grown from the outlet’s polls taken" in May, which was before the verdict dropped in the Manhattan business records fraud case.

But that isn't the only bad news for Biden here. The presumed Democrat nominee's support appears to be showing more cracks in blue states like Minnesota of all places, if the poll bears out on Election Day:

The poll also showed Trump and Biden dead even at 45% each in Minnesota, which has backed a Republican for president just three times since the onset of the Great Depression.


A dead heat in Minnesota?

Minnesota was the only state that Ronald Reagan lost in 1984 by 3,761 votes, preventing the Gipper from a 50-state sweep for that cycle. If Trump is tied there, the Democrats are about to blow up electorally and they won't like it.

As I just happened to be perusing, I came across an article that further confirms that the Democrats are a bit nervous about how Trump and the RNC are cooking their gooses. 

Salem Radio Network News

U.S. President Joe Biden’s main re-election SuperPAC is raising millions of dollars to try to solve a problem vexing Democrats: how to compete with Republican Donald Trump’s social media machine that spits out a wall of viral videos.

The previously unreported effort by the highly-secretive Future Forward USA Action underscores broad concerns among Democrats and Biden donors that he and his campaign are losing a viral-video war with the Republican Party, which relentlessly portrays him as too old and out of touch.

Democrats say they are playing catch-up in a battlefield with few rules or ways to police manipulated or misleading content before it reaches tens of millions of Americans on their smartphones.

The Palo-Alto-based SuperPAC, backed by tech giants like Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and LinkedIn founder Reed Hoffman, is raising at least $10 million to help better understand the algorithms that help Trump and his allies dominate vertical video platforms.

It also plans to collaborate with left-leaning influencers to help generate and disseminate new content, according to two sources familiar with the plans.


Maybe the Dems are looking to start a platform that elevates Biden like Truth Social does for Trump.

Possibly, they're looking for editors who can clean up the Biden mess-ups on video, which are growing by the day, and then mislabel those as "cheap fakes."

Whatever the formula and whatever is being done, I just want it to continue for the next five months up until the November election. Then we can try to put four years of the biggest mess up of a presidency in the history of this country behind us.



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