People Worrying About Trump's VP Pick Need to Step Back and Breathe

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With the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump just a week away, I can fully understand why some people are going to start focusing on who Donald Trump will pick as his running mate. In all fairness, this is natural because we know that Joe Biden has done a crappy job as president, and his running mate has shown herself to be a disaster.


She would be great though in the front row at a comedy show because you would not be able to avoid that annoying laugh of hers.

My colleague Mike Miller had an interesting piece Sunday about some advice Shark Tank star Kevin O'Leary offered to the former 45th and potential 47th POTUS if he gets elected this November. Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota was O'Leary's choice as the VP under a new Trump administration.


'Trump Insurance': Shark Tank Star Kevin O'Leary Says Trump Needs a VP Who's 'Very Much Not Like Him' 

Coates kicked off the festivities thusly:

I hear though you are rooting for a particular person, Governor Doug Burgum, to be Trump’s VP pick. You called him Trump insurance. Explain that and why you see him or want him as the VP.

Coates no doubt loved the "Trump insurance" idea, and O'Leary was more than happy to oblige:

I’ve sat with a governor, I've sat with his staff. This guy gets stuff done, whether you need a permit or whether you need policy or whether you want to rescind[?] taxes, you need to speak to the CEO of a company. He’s a business guy, so it’s a personal reflection that I see here. 

And frankly, I think Trump could use someone that’s very much not like him, that has executional skills. You give Burgum this mandate — you say go fix the border, go fix energy, go fix whatever — that’s what he does. I’m just saying it from a personal perspective. I like this guy as Trump insurance because Trump's bombastic.

If you click on Mike's piece, you will get the list of reasons O'Leary makes this recommendation. 


On the other side, you have people who are not fans of The Donald making their recommendations with shots added to sound serious about the concern boiling up in their loins. One of those people is Nolan Finley from the Detroit News, and this veiled shot at Trump which I came across right HERE.

Voters have one last chance to see a candidate on the ballot this fall who is qualified to run the country while also exciting a deeply disappointed electorate.

Unfortunately, the decision on who that candidate will be rests with Donald Trump, a man not known for prioritizing the nation's best interests over his own ego.

Trump will fill the final spot on the major party presidential tickets with his choice for vice president, presumably in the next week or two. He has reportedly narrowed his list to seven or eight candidates.

The adorable thing here is Nolan talking about ego and having met Nolan myself, you could rearrange some words here and it can apply directly to him. 

However aside from talking about egos, I'm wondering what was wrong with Trump picking Mike Pence eight years ago as his VP choice and how that tickled Trump's ego.

Conventional thinking among Trump supporters now is that Pence is a traitor and the like, but Trump's pick of Pence showed that he was concerned about having somebody with political experience in Washington to lean on for advice. That was not a bad move at all at the time and had zero to do with Trump's ego.

Later on, Finley did add Burgum as a potential running mate, as mentioned in Mike's article.


Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum have made their own presidential bids, and are not fawning Trump acolytes. They could help counter the hysterical Democratic claims that Trump will replace democracy with dictatorship.

Rubio or DeSantis probably are not going to be seriously considered because they both come from Trump's home state of Florida.

The perfect pick for Trump will be somebody who is articulate and will be able to carry out the administration's goals over the next four years. Also, somebody who is younger than Trump because one of the things that the media will magically find if Trump is elected will be that just days after the inauguration, the President doesn't look well and will start beating the drum that they refuse to do with Biden.

So kick back and enjoy the time before the first POTUS debate next week on June 27th and take a moment to read if this will be Joe Biden's final moment or if he will limp on after next Thursday. Could Next Week's CNN Debate With Trump Be Joe Biden's Waterloo Moment?



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