Will Steven Crowder Seek the Power of Redemption for His Actions?

Steven Crowder speaks in a video on Twitter, April 28th, 2023. Credit: Screenshot

the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil.
“God’s plans for the redemption of his world”

Looking forward to what I would be doing in the year 2023 last December, in no way shape, or form did I have it on my bingo card that I would be writing about the topic of redemption about anyone. This would include my seeking God’s grace and mercy each and every day, and my need to be redeemed through it more than most people I know.


So I struggled with the idea of writing about the events with Crowder who is a person I knew way back in the day and have watched his career skyrocket through his hard work and perseverance. However, over the past couple of months, I have watched with bewilderment and quite frankly shock at some of the actions of Crowder and have wondered aloud both publicly and privately about it.

Mostly asking a question in the form of What in the hell is he doing?

Also, is anyone telling him, “No, Steve, that might not be the best idea?”

I’m guessing no one has.

I have known Steven for a little over a decade and a very long time ago was asked by him to help him set up the podcast version of his show on the radio station that I’m currently on, WAAM 1600 am and 92.7 FM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He was already starting to build his audience on YouTube and doing a Friday morning show on terrestrial radio that helped him to set up the format which would help lay the groundwork for the successful show he does now. I was able to catch a quick glimpse of the hard work and dedication it took to get started and the results obviously speak for themselves.

Yet it sure looks like he is about to flush all these years of hard work down the toilet, and that is both confusing and criminal in my opinion. Crowder has been a lightning rod to the left because he has been immensely effective at communicating ideas in an entertaining way, and conservatism in general is stronger with him engaged in that cause.


His recent stunt of trying to get more money out of the Daily Wire by in part claiming they were part of BIG TECH after they offered him $15 million a year was nonsensical. Particularly notable was the part where he said the contract that he was offered from Daily Wire was unacceptable with its terms, now seen in the light of the contract Crowder offered his former co-host Dave Landau, which Dave covered here.

After Steven’s announcement on last Tuesday’s “Louder With Crowder” about his impending divorce and the release of a video from his wife’s family showing a 3-minute argument between the couple days later, Crowder seems hell-bent on burning every bridge he has built on the road to the success. His claim that he will pursue the release of all legal documents pertaining to his divorce because the Ring cam video was misleadingly edited is wrong and laughable.

The wrong part is simple.

Do not seek to embarrass the mother of your children in a situation that is naturally a bad spot to be in, as he admits. Those kids one day will be able to google your name and guess what will pop up in the top 10 spot?

Is that truly necessary?

The laughable part is complaining about misleadingly edited video/audio after using misleadingly edited audio himself and releasing it while trying to show up Jeremy Boreing of The Daily Wire in a C.Y.A. maneuver over that contract you were offered and turned down.


The irony of that statement is stunning.

Now, I know there are people that are willing to look the other way on this, but they are doing Crowder no favors by excusing all this while thinking they are helping.

For those folks, imagine if you will for a moment that a favorite target of Crowder’s, Cenk Uygur, was in the same self-inflicted predicament that Crowder now finds himself in. All of us in Conservative or Libertarian commentary and you people that enjoy Crowders’ amusing takes on the news would be having a tad bit of fun making snide remarks and overall enjoying the act of self-destruction. I doubt many in the leftist sphere would be publicly calling for him to reevaluate his actions but many of us would enjoy the spectacle.

This is where I think those of us who don’t deal with emotional tribalism differ from our leftist counterparts. We do (sometimes) call it out.

Thankfully I’m not the only one in conservative chatting heads circles that feel that maybe Crowder oughta slow his roll and shut the F up on this to save his family and career.


There is no missing context in the video released by his wife’s family. That was an example of a fight that was unfortunately captured on video and probably one of many fights and recordings that were done. Instead of doubling down and trying to explain what “wifely duties” entail, now is the time to pull back and take deep breaths for the health of everyone involved.

Steven Crowder has built up an impressive media presence that has taken him a long time to get where it is today. Yet as of late, he seems to be working equally as hard to dig a hole deep enough to bury all his hard work in a grave that should not be dug this soon.

Each and every one of us who are alive today and all those who have lived before us and those who are yet to be born is in need of God’s grace and mercy and should seek His presence looking for redemption. As the definition above states, it is seeking the action of being saved from sin or evil. The very first step in that process is looking in the mirror and recognizing what YOU have done wrong, seeking repentance and humbly stepping forward from there to correct wrongful actions going forward.

Steven Crowder is not unique in screwing up because each and every one of us has been in the screw-up boat by the actions of our own hands. Crowder is somewhat unique in this manner; he has built a show that is popular and entertaining and has worked hard to get the spotlight shone on him. Being in that position of course has a big upside and an even bigger downside. Crowder will experience the downside much more intensely if he does not stop traveling the path of self-destruction he is currently on.


This is not a gotcha moment catching Don Lemon or CNN in a lie or hanging out on a college campus trying to get funny moments for a Change My Mind moment for video hits. This is now about his wife, his kids, and his extended family. This is the time to put the drive to win at any cost aside and take a moment to do some housekeeping and look down the road for how the actions taken from here on out affect everyone involved 10 years hence.

This is simply the time for Steven Crowder or someone close to him to say knock it off for his own good and that of his family, in whatever form it takes from here on out.

The gift of redemption is available for all who truly seek it. I hope that Steven Crowder works as hard to seek that as he has with everything else he has worked at.

If he does, I look forward to opining one day about his example and how I and others were inspired by it.

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