New GOP POTUS Polling Numbers for Michigan Are a Bit Shocking but Meaningless

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I’m going to file this story under the “color me shocked” folder, being it does truly surprise me, even though nothing in Michigan politics should surprise me.


Except that the state, politically, is consistently bad.

While I have been off for the past couple of weeks tending to some family matters, I have not been keeping up with all of the political fun and nonsense in my home state of Michigan. I have been catching up over the past couple of days, and I came across a story from The Dispatch that caught me a little bit by surprise.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis matches up better against Joe Biden here than former President Donald Trump.

I have been told over and over again that Michigan is Trump’s country because he won the state by 11,000 votes in 2016 and lost it by over 150,000 in 2020. Being I’m not a member of the Michigan Republican Party, I have had to take it on a good faith measure that those who tell me this are being accurate, while chastising me for using things like polling data and actual numbers that have yet to be refuted.

So, imagine my surprise when The Dispatch of all places came out with a story about a poll of who on the GOP side matches up better against Joe Biden in the Great Lakes State—and the answer was.

Poll: DeSantis Outperforming Trump in Michigan

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis performs better against President Joe Biden in Michigan than former President Donald Trump and has more room to grow, according to fresh polling conducted by a Republican firm.

The survey of 500 registered voters, conducted Monday through Wednesday, showed DeSantis leading Biden 45 percent to 43 percent. The same poll showed the current president leading the former president 45 percent to 42 percent. Perhaps more encouraging for DeSantis: He is less well known than Trump in Michigan—and less polarizing.

Fifty-five percent of voters view Trump unfavorably, while just 34 percent of voters feel the same about DeSantis. And while 19 percent had never heard of Florida’s governor and 13 percent said they had no opinion of him, those numbers for Trump were zero percent and 4 percent, respectively. The survey’s margin of error was plus or minus 4.38 percentage points.


Now, just a couple of quick things about this poll.

When you have just 500 voters polled, that is a small sampling and not a very good sample of the air here in the state. So, I will put a lil bit of stock into this but not much.

Almost 20 percent of those polled, who had never heard of DeSantis or had no opinion of him, will change once and if he declares his intention to run for the GOP nomination for President. I imagine that both the Biden team and the Trump team will give the Sunshine State’s current Governor a bit of a working over from a public relation standpoint.

The last point is something I have written about here at RedState that is a universal truth, if you look at the numbers in this state over the past 20 years. Michigan is a blue state and will be damn near impossible for a GOP peep to win. Michigan Is a BLUE State and Lying About It Won’t Change That Fact

Right on cue it seems, once again, another story about the dysfunctional GOP in this state makes a national story because of its ineffectiveness. From The Hill

Michigan GOP faces existential crisis: ‘The state party is dead’

Michigan’s Republican Party is grappling with disunity and disarray as it looks to regain lost political ground ahead of 2024.

The state party is facing a slew of negative headlines painting a picture of warring factions in dire financial straits. Last week, reports surfaced that an alleged fight broke out between allies of the party’s new chair, Kristina Karamo, and her former opponent for the position, Matthew DePerno.

On top of that, Karamo has faced criticism of her own from both inside and outside the GOP for a number of remarks, including for comparing gun control restrictions to the treatment of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

“I think the state party is dead,” former Rep. Dave Trott (R-Mich.) told The Hill.


Ya think, Dave?

I know it is dead, and so does anyone who has watched this clown show for any amount of time in Michigan. The GOP in this state currently could not hold a bake sale and raise more than one hundred dollars. If they did, they would blow the proceeds on something stupid like bumper stickers saying YOU ARE FIRED.

While I fully understand the carrot being dangled of any sort of hope that there is a candidate who could beat Joe Biden or another generic Democrat that might take his place in 2024, I don’t see it in this poll—or any other—as of yet.

Miracles, of course, still do happen, but generally, not in the State of Michigan about things political that are good for the citizens of this state.

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