Maybe Representative Dan Crenshaw Needs a Hug From Pete Davidson

We could all use a hug sometimes, even those who are legit American heroes like Representative Dan Crenshaw.

Undoubtedly, you have been following the saga of who shall be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States of America and, hopefully, you are enjoying it. I know that some of you might not use the term “enjoy” for this, but that might show a lack of understanding of how unique a system was created by the Founders almost 247 years ago.  I understand how this is one of the few ways that institutional change can happen in the House and that, so far, these 21 people that are willing to hold up the House of Representatives to get this done are something that should be admired.


This is simply marvelous to watch.

For some background on all this, here is some of the content being brought to you by the writers at RedState and give you some different takes.

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I still have my money leaning on Kevin McCarthy eventually becoming Speaker but if he doesn’t, that’s going to be okay, too. Yet, there are a few elected officials that I’ve been surprised by and how they’ve gone from zero to sixty in anger in some instances about this—as if the end of the world is nigh—because of this standoff in the House.

Representative Dan Crenshaw is one of those people.

Crenshaw over the past couple of days has gone all DEFCON 5 in regard to a procedural matter, and it is confusing to analyze and watch. Here is just a small sample of what he said on Guy Benson’s show the other day about those that oppose Kevin McCarthy for speaker.

Those of us who you pushed us into this corner, so now, now we’re saying we won’t vote for anybody but McCarthy that’s why we’re saying it because we cannot let the terrorists win.

I never suspected that his fellow Texan Chip Roy was a terrorist but in all fairness, to me, I have not met him.

Here is the clip played on Tucker Carlson the other night, with the highlighted Crenshaw comments below.


This handful of members is clearly looking for notoriety over principal that’s where it is and anyone who suggests differently is in some kind of make-believe fantasy reality.

Your narcissist you are a narcissist when you believe your opinion is more important than everyone else’s and you threaten to tear down the team for the benefit of the Democrats and your own sense of self-importance that’s exactly what’s happening here.

We will not vote for anyone else than McCarthy people think we’re stubborn we’re more stubborn they think they’re not going to get the committee their right obviously they won’t, but it’s going to be so much worse than that, they are our enemies now.

What in the holy ever-loving heaven is going on here? Dan Crenshaw is going off on some tangents because his pick has not yet achieved the pre-installed position he was entitled to. The really ironic thing here is that Crenshaw is complaining about the very tactics being used by his 21 colleagues and vows to use the SAME tactics.


The irony is amusing.

However, I’m curious where the Dan Crenshaw of 2018 has gone, when he was much more organized in his thought process and was not all angsty when he was personally attacked on national TV by Pete Davidson. I wrote this back in 2018 after the original Davidson incident, where he reached out to the troubled comic to offer support.CLASS: Dan Crenshaw Reaches Out To Pete Davidson. I wrote at the time…

Crenshaw, the former Navy SEAL who wears an eye-patch on his right eye after being injured by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, was mocked by Davidson on “SNL” in November. Crenshaw told KPRC2 Houston (via The Hollywood Reporter) that he reached out to the star after seeing the 25-year-old’s social media message.

“I talked to him personally [Sunday],” he said. “We don’t go back very far. We’re not good friends. But, I think he appreciated hearing from me. I told him everyone had a purpose in this world. God put you here for a reason. It’s your job to find that purpose. And you should live that way.”

That is a class act.

Congressman-elect Crenshaw could have let this incident pass by him. He accepted the apology of Davidson last month and gained huge praise for that. Yet he chose to reach out to someone who he had briefly met and encouraged him to get through this.

That might not get political brownie points from some but it sure does show him being a decent human being.

Where is that Dan Crenshaw?


I do feel that Rep. Crenshaw is a decent fella (although I haven’t met him either), but he is still a newbie at how all this works in D.C., and he is flustered. Admittedly multiple ballots have not occurred in a century but if you want structural changes to how the House is run, you do it before the term begins, not after the session starts.

When I hear some complaints about what is the plan, they simply miss that this is the most critical part of the plan. Get McCarthy to concede on rule changes BEFORE the session starts or find someone who will make as many of those concessions as possible. Truly, not rocket science.

I’m not so pissy about this that I believe anyone who thinks McCarthy is the only choice or the worst choice ever is my bestie forever or my enemy or foe. This session of the House is not going to get much of anything done because of the political reality of who runs the Senate and the White House; so, most of this coming from McCarthy allies is posturing for the cameras. You can say the 21 are doing the same and that is fine; however, they have already gotten some changes to how the House will operate, which is a victory if adopted.

Maybe Dan Crenshaw can lead the nation again in how to stay cool under verbal assault and call up his friend Pete Davidson and do a hug on the floor of the United States House of Reresantives for all to see. The ladies seem to love Pete, and he could take zillions of pics with them—and the nation could use a break from all the BLAH BLAH BLAH about how one-half of the legislative branch not being able to “help” the citizens of this country is somehow bad.


Really, it’s not that bad.

Maybe after a Speaker is chosen, Dan and Pete could lead Congress and the country in a large group hug as a healing gesture.

Just don’t invite Cornpop’s pal from Scranton; they both are bad dudes.

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