Libs Lose It After Illegal Immigrants Are Dropped at Kamala Harris' Doorstep, and I've Got Thoughts

AP Photo/Abbie Parr

The situation at the Southern Border has never been worse, with millions of illegal immigrants having crossed during the last year. The system is completely overwhelmed, enforcement isn’t even being attempted anymore, and border towns like El Paso that have become ground zero are in a state of emergency.


Meanwhile, the federal government refuses to do anything to fix the crisis, having just spent $1.7 trillion of taxpayer money on everything from LGBT “pride centers” to studies on whether Thanos can snap the universe out of existence (no, I’m not kidding). When it comes to the border, though, Democrats insisted on provisions that actually further handicap the Border Patrol.

Governors like Gregg Abbott of Texas are out of options, and that has him bussing illegal immigrants to major liberal enclaves in an attempt to spread the load out. Naturally, the same virtue-signaling hacks who insist the border be left wide open want nothing to do with the actual consequences of their policies.

You have to love the moral superiority shown by these keyboard warriors who have likely not given a dime to any of the organizations helping to take care of these illegal immigrants. They sit comfortably in their warm houses, promoting policies that have caused a humanitarian disaster all the while denouncing anyone who might try to do something about it.


Let me help these people out. It is not “cruel” to give illegal immigrants who were sleeping on the frozen sidewalks of places like El Paso, a city that has been completely overwhelmed, a ride to wealthy parts of the country that have the resources to take care of them. Washington, DC, and its suburbs have one of the richest populations in the country. They can band together to care for what amounts to a few hundred people.

In fact, what would be cruel is insisting these illegal immigrants be left to suffer in Texas when there are far better alternatives available. Does Steven Beschloss care about the well-being of these people, or are they just props for him to rant about on Twitter to score cheap political points? Texas border towns have declared emergencies. There is no shelter space left. If Beschloss actually cared, he’d be trying to organize housing for these people in Democrat-run states that haven’t been previously inundated. Of course, he’s not going to do that.

Lastly, the idea that it’s a crime to give illegal immigrants a warm bus ride to places where they’ll have more opportunities is ludicrous. No one was forced or coerced onto these buses. The rides are completely voluntary and transparent. In fact, given the alternative of being homeless in freezing temperatures, I’m sure the illegal immigrants in question greatly appreciate the ride. And while I understand the conservative idea that sending them further into the interior isn’t a solution, the situation on the ground demands it. Abbott has no choice but to spread the load out because the Biden administration is not going to start doing his job anytime soon. Things are that bad off.



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