LaDuke: Your 'Lump of Cells' Argument Is a Load of Manure

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Been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and read the news, in between doing my radio show on WAAM 1600 am and 92.7 FM in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and doing caregiving duties. So, imagine my surprise when I heard that Joe Biden fell off a bike the other day and I missed it.


I’m joking, I’m joking. I knew that Joe Biden had fallen off a bike last week. Where do you think Hunter learned how to fall off a wagon as many times as he has?

One of the great things about writing here at RedState is that we are allowed to have different points of view on the great issues of the day, but everybody here is pro-life.

When the Supreme Courts Dobbs decision came down on Friday–I was live on Duke Over America on Facebook–I was not able to read the opinion when it came out live. I have been, however, able to catch up with all of my fellow colleagues here at RedState with their great takes from almost every angle on this historic decision.

Here are just some of those excellent pieces.

Abortion Supporters Rage at an Unlikely Target Over Roe Overturn: Liberal Icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The Decision to Overturn Roe Shows That Chief Justice John Roberts Has Lost the Confidence of the Court’s Conservative Majority.

Kamala Is So ‘Unburdened’ From Sense on Abortion, Even Marianne Williamson Has Questions.

From Nick Arama‘s piece above about how our VEEP is kinda dense when it comes to words…

When she was speaking to Latino elected officials at the NALEO 39th Annual Conference in Chicago on Friday, she had this to say when referencing the SCOTUS decision on abortion.

“The strength of our nation has always been that, despite the odds and the obstacles, we push to move forward; that we are guided by what we see that can be, unburdened by what has been.”


Isn’t she a peach?

Truly, it is not just the leaders of the abortion until birth crowd like Vice President Harris that have some weird word salads to toss. Since Friday’s Supreme Court decision, I’ve had the opportunity to read some real doozies arguments that pushed the barrier of nonsense harder than the left usually does. One of those arguments goes like this.


On the face of it, I have to admit that I had to stop and give this a momentary thought, being aren’t we all just a clump of cells? Thankfully, though, I can slice through an argument made of damp, emotional Kleenex like a Ginsu knife, and this talking point is just made for my type of dicing and slicing.

Someone actually used this argument on a thread I was chatting on Friday, and I had to chuckle. You would think–with the six-week notice that this opinion was coming out–the pro-abortion folks would have come up with a little bit of a stronger talking point.

I was wrong.

As I’ve already acknowledged we are all just a clump of cells, if you look at it in a very broad way. However, we all started off as a very small clump of cells, that grew up into larger clumps of cells, that have certain unalienable rights under the United States Constitution. Anybody who looks at this in a logical manner understands that a fetus grows into a human baby. Also, that this process takes approximately seven to nine months.


The human clump of cells is not going to magically turn into something else. When a male sperm and a female egg get together for a little dance party, we know what the end result’s going to be.

Those clumps of cells inside a woman are not going to turn into…

*A dog or cat.

*Baby giraffe.

*A leprechaun with a pot of gold.

However, that clump of cells will grow into a baby, then a child, and soon, an adult who–if not taught critical thinking skills–will one day use an idiotic argument like: “It’s just a clump of cells.”

Cancer is a clump of cells that sucks resource from the body and kill it. A human fetus is a clump of cells that becomes a human being, if it is allowed to travel on God and nature’s natural course.

Pretty simple.

So carry on, and calm down, folks, for those of you that use this garbage argument. You were already born and were not aborted, so you should be happy to be alive.

Lots of others did not make that cut since 1973.


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