Kamala Is So 'Unburdened' From Sense on Abortion, Even Marianne Williamson Has Questions

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

It’s about time that we recognize the great contributions that the Biden-Harris team has made to the English language and the American lexicon.

Who can ever forget the day we learned about “trunalimunumaprzure”?


Or badakathcare?

Or this one which many thought sounded like “My butt’s been wiped”?

But let it not be said that we ignore Kamala Harris. Harris’ contributions are unique all on their own. She doesn’t invent new words so much as she has to win an award for repeating the same words — over and over again — while still managing to say nothing of substance.

One of my favorites is how she explained to us the importance of the “passage of time.”

When she was speaking to Latino elected officials at the NALEO 39th Annual Conference in Chicago on Friday, she had this to say when referencing the SCOTUS decision on abortion.


The strength of our nation has always been that, despite the odds and the obstacles, we push to move forward; that we are guided by what we see that can be, unburdened by what has been.

Huh, what? One Twitter user had a great response to it.

Even former Democratic candidate for president Marianne Williamson was stupefied.

Imagine how bad it is when even Marianne Williamson is calling it “kooky.”

Now, I know that we talk about Kamala’s word salads and this one is certainly funny all on its own. But I think it’s important to note that both she and Joe Biden tend to say the same things — over and over again — in their speeches. When I say that, I don’t mean they just repeat common topics or themes, I mean they say the same thing.


So we have to give a tip of the hat to Maze for helping us prove that point with the following video.

My favorite part is the one with the impeachment crazy eyes. You would think that with repetition they might get better. Yet, no. But at least we recognize that she’s unburdened from any expectation of making sense, over the passage of time.


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