Getting Local: Getting Down and Dirty With the Fraser Planning Commission

Getting Local: Getting Down and Dirty With the Fraser Planning Commission
City of Fraser, Michigan (Credit: Thomas LaDuke)

Oh, my li’l Hamlet, the city of Fraser nestled warmly in the middle of Macomb County, how you never ever are boring is one of the true joys of living here, in this city that is just four square miles. I know it gets a tad bit quiet on occasion, and yet, there is always a rumbling of someone’s upset belly behind the scenes.

Quite frankly, I love it.

I have written here at RedState and talked on my show, Bourbon on the Rocks, about the city I live in, and some of the absolutely amusing antics put on by the citizens. Now, most people would say or think “WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?” but consider the fact that almost all of our state and national officials started in some way, shape, or form on the local level. Unless of course, they are a Kennedy or Bush then they just assume they should start off saving the country — which they never do.

Over the past six months or so, I have been drawn to the happenings on the national level, and doing the Wednesday night RedState VIP Gold Chat show with my compadre Scott Hounsell, I have not been able to give my usual 92.7 percent to some of the nonsense of the ‘Parks over Police’ crowd we have here in the City of Fraser.

Yet once again, just like Michael Corleone in Godfather III…

I actually think I own a sweater like he is wearing there.

Anyway, here are some of the previous articles I have written about some of the “stuff” that goes on, in this town where it takes just seven seconds to drive through the downtown area.

Preventing and Exposing Corruption Starts Locally. Welcome to Fraser, Michigan.

In Fraser, Ignoring Sexual Harassment Claims At City Hall Means You Should Run For Office.

Suing the City of Fraser Can Be Fun and Profitable for Employees.

As I covered in the last article above, here is just a sampling of some of what people who “say” they care for the city support. People suing the city, multiple times, for $$.

So, in just three years, we have had employees sue the city for a variety of issues that might seem trivial, at best, to those that pay the taxes here in this small community of just under 15,000 people.

Ms. Dolland has won $180,000 from her former employer, and you have some in the city that find that is perfectly acceptable.

Is it?

Whatever side you fall on in this issue, your main concern should be how the city provides the vital services of Public Safety, which in a city this small is Police-Fire-Medic all wrapped into one. With eight officers being cut and city-run dispatch being eliminated in the same time frame as these lawsuits, that service is critical to making sure to stabilize the city.

Hopefully, the citizens of Fraser will take a look at this and the other posts forthcoming to cut through the noise of those who speak without actually knowing, and ask some tough questions of those on council currently and those who wish to be for the next two years.

If you truly want to put ‘Fraser First,’ you need to do this.

That is just a small sample of the cray that goes on here.

Now, there are many facets to a city running well, and one of the lesser-known boards that, here in Fraser, you can be appointed to is the Planning Commission. As with most things involved with a municipality, this board sounds a bit dull, and quite frankly, it is. However, if you want to get something built or changed in regards to your property, you have to go through a process to have it approved, and most likely you will be visiting these folks.

So, this board–and who sits on it–matters.

Thursday night (tonight) at the Fraser City Council meeting, there will be an agenda item to re-appoint three members already on the board, and pick from two individuals to fill a vacancy. One of the people up for re-appointment is someone that I have had many conversations with by the name of Kenny Perry Jr, AKA, Gus Miller, or Allesandro Fraser. The reason Kenny has a number of identities is that he has run afoul of some of Mark Zuckerberg’s ever-changing, “feelings over facts” rules.

Honestly, who hasn’t?

About a month ago, I was alerted that maybe Kenny would not have the support of some on the Council for re-appointment because he has an odd sense of humor, which he displays on his personal pages. When I say odd, I mean it can be a bit crude, and being I am the virtue of truth in these parts, I have told him this–both publicly on my LIVE video shows and privately. Unlike some of the muckrakers here who only smile to your face and stab you in the back to try and gain favor with the other people faking their way through life, I make sure to let my ever-so-unbreakable feelings and views be known.

Mr. Perry has been on the board for over three years now, and if anyone has an issue with what he has done on the board, I would hope they step forward to have their issues heard. What would be truly remarkable in this town would be for them to have concrete evidence (such as I always provide), as opposed to hearing something in the checkout line about who is sleeping with whom, or some other small town nonsense.

While not a totally fair, apples-to-apples comparison, I think it is safe to say a whole lot of us could use some mean tweets and a couple of $%^& messages from the President who had us at low gas prices and lower inflation. If you can do the job and you are not involved in a lawsuit with the city, then let them do the job.

This will be interesting tonight to see how the vote breaks down on something that should be routine. However, in a town where people are more interested in posting photos of pretending to be doing something, as opposed to actually doing something without the publicity, anything goes.

I will be back in the next couple of days with all the juicy results.

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