Preventing and Exposing Corruption Starts Locally. Welcome to Fraser, Michigan.

The United States of America seems to be held in the grip of some unusual times.

The political system across the board seems to be at a breaking point fueled by mistrust of elected officials and the shadowy forces that drive those who are elected and misbehave. Many Americans are at a loss as to how it got like this. While there are many reasons and possible remedies, one thing that will jumpstart a move in a positive direction is…


Get Local.

I have been involved in one shape or form in the city of Fraser’s political scene since the summer of 2015. The city has a population of just under 15,000 and is only four square miles but has had enough corruption and shady dealings to stink through the rest of Macomb County, which has its own problems with an F.B.I. corruption probe into government bribes.

Over the next 7 months, I will be chronicling some of the things that have been exposed here and also follow the election campaign of a Mayor and three council seats that will be open here this November. Just for kicks, we also have a “potential” recall of three members of this council and I will be talking about that also.

The reams of emails, vocal, and video data plus the stories that reporters here have covered will all be put together to give a clear picture of what has happened here and let the readers and voters decide what path to choose and who best to lead.

Having been involved in 3 elections here, a recall, and just the monitoring of a city that is facing unique challenges, I hope to be able to give you, the Red State readers, an idea of how you also can get involved and make a difference. Locally.


If everyone started taking the time to watch over what is happening in their own political backyard we would be able to prevent the state and national yards from getting so messed up.

I look forward to doing this and I hope you will thoroughly enjoy learning how to GET LOCAL and make a difference.

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