Comic Bill Burr Shreds CNN in an Expletive Filled Rant That Is Spot On

The mocking of CNN continues from all quarters and, quite frankly, it is well earned and glorious. When one of the funniest comics breathing today, Bill Burr, takes aim, it is something to treasure and behold.


As I wrote the other day about CNN’s latest ratings with the ever-so-loved and targeted 25-54 aged people, there is a reason for us to laugh. From CNN Continues Its Hindenburg-Like Burn in Losing Viewers With Release of New Ratings

The network that used to brand itself the “Most Trusted Name in News” and was once the leader of the pack in cable news is now being beaten continuously by its rivals. Possibly, activists posing as journalists is not the ratings juggernaut some thought it would be in Atlanta.

Beginning the week of July 5th, CNN viewership dropped by 19% with both overall eyeballs on the channel and with the main advertiser target of 25-54 segment of the population. Even more shocking is their morning news show “New Day” which hit a new low in the crucial demographic of 25-54, with only 76,000 people watching.

“New Day” averaged only 433,000 total viewers during the week for its lowest-rated week of 2021, while time-slot competition “FOX & Friends” delivered 1.1 million viewers. The recently revamped “New Day” has now failed to reach 500,000 average viewers for 11 straight weeks.

“It’s remarkably low viewership when putting these three numbers into context. CNN is in more than 90 million homes. It has been in existence for 41 years, almost more than any other cable network. And its morning show oftentimes can’t deliver more than 500,000 viewers,” said Joe Concha, Fox News contributor, and The Hill media columnist.



Ratings like those just have to sting for an organization that considers itself the vanguard of gathering and telling the news as it happens. Of course, no spin involved at all.

Enter into the fray to rub just a little bit of salt and dirt into that festering wound of rating demise is comic extraordinaire Bill Burr. I’m just going to give everyone a heads up here that I am a YUGE Bill Burr fan and I DO NOT CARE if he is a liberal, conservative, or an alien from another solar system. I just find the guy funny and that is ok these days even if some #Woke screw does not think it is.

Burr, in his immensely popular podcast Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast from last Thursday (irony abounds) threw in a couple of barbs about his Mother in Law watching CNN.

My mother-in-law comes over to help watch the kids and she always puts on CNN. Do know what those F***ing morons are doing, do know what those F***ing morons are doing? They are talking about Trump.

According to the Daily Wire, then he gets interesting…

Comedian and “Mandalorian” actor Bill Burr again bucked the liberal narrative this week on his podcast, ripping into “treasonous un-American” CNN for the network’s Trump-obsession and its refusal to criticize “bore” President Joe Biden because he’s a Democrat.

“I swear to God, I cannot believe people watch that channel. They’re so dumb,” Burr said this past week, according to Fox News. “They’re f***ing treasonous un-American pieces of s***.”


All good comedy is based on truth and Burr right here nails it.

CNN loved Trump in 2016 while they felt he had no shot of beating Hillary being he was great for the ratings. When they started to figure out he was contending, they did an about-face in showing his rallies to taking potshots about him on anything. This policy continued through his time in the White House and now the post-Trump Presidency and yet, CNN and their staff can’t quit Trump now.

Burr is just pointing out in his own unique style that this is not news that they are spreading but opinion trying to look like news. If you don’t think so just ask yourself this.

If you took Hunter Biden and changed his name to Donald Trump Jr with all Little Biden’s baggage during last year’s campaign, CNN would be running specials every week on how horrible this is, and rightly so. Now we have a sitting President with a son as a liability that has had some questionable dealings with our adversaries overseas and CNN can’t lift a finger to even question it.

If Donald Jr didn’t get the once over IF he were doing the same thing I would be disappointed. I expect consistency of reporting from news organizations and CNN stopped being that to a lot of people long ago. This is why their ratings have tanked and their reputation has suffered.


Bill Burr doing this little rant about CNN just proves it.

As I see more comics push back against the #Woke and #CancelCulture mindset and the platforms that promote it, my heart skips a beat in happiness. If this country is to return back to any semblance of normal, these idiotic notions must be crushed in the arena of ideas.

Mocking them is a great start and CNN, as one of the larger platforms for this nonsense being spread, deserves their heap of scorn and ridicule.

Bill Burr, you rock, you foul-mouthed banshee.


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