Biden Administration Will Spend 90 Million to Provide Hotel Rooms for Border Crossers

Biden Administration Will Spend 90 Million to Provide Hotel Rooms for Border Crossers
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When your administration ran on giving a wink and a nod to all those south of the U.S.border and that America would be open to illegally cross that border once again, you had to expect this, I suppose. So why not make sure that all those people who come here get a hotel room on Uncle Sam’s dime?  Sure seems logical to me.

Any guess on how long this will last?

The New York Post, in a story on Saturday, revealed that the Biden administration, while denying there is a problem at the border, decided to ink a deal to provide hotel rooms for illegals coming to this country. This will, of course, make sure that the problem that they don’t have does not get out of hand or something.

From the New York Post

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has inked an $89.6 million contract with a Texas nonprofit to shelter Central American migrants in hotel rooms while the feds process a massive backlog of new arrivals at the border, according to the agency and reports.

The eight-figure deal was announced Saturday, as migrants continued to arrive at the border at a rate not seen in 20 years, including unaccompanied children crammed into jail-like detention centers to await transfer to federal shelters across the country.

ICE “has signed a short-term contract with the non-profit division of Endeavors to provide temporary shelter and processing services for families who have not been expelled and are therefore placed in immigration proceedings for their removal from the United States,” said ICE Acting Director Tae D. Johnson in a statement. “The $86.9 million contract provides 1,239 beds and other necessary services.”

Now how did that happen?

Seems the message was received loud and clear from the campaign to people dying to come here that if Ole Joe got elected that it would be, once again, a free-for-all at the border. The end result is that the Biden administration is now faced with what it calls the largest surge of people in 20 years. That goes all the way back to another open border guy, George W. Bush.

Who can blame these people for wanting to leave their country for America? As bad as some on the evening news want to portray the United States every day and burn stuff down because of feelings, it is still the best country in the world. You take a helluva risk traveling untold miles to get here and then we provide you with a hotel room and free healthcare and other goodies.

Sign me up.

This is 1000% the Biden administration’s fault and anyone not strung out on drugs knows it. All that virtue-signaling that Biden and Harris did all during the primaries and the general campaign about how bad the Trump policy was has now resulted in this. Of course, the part Joe and Kamala didn’t mention was that the Trump policy was actually working.

So now that people working for Joe act shocked that people are flooding the border illegally, such pronouncements as this tend to ring a bit hollow.

But even as the deal was announced, Johnson dissuaded would-be migrants from making the dangerous and illegal trek across the border, warning that most people would be turned around under coronavirus precautions.

“Our border is not open,” said Johnson. “The majority of individuals continue to be expelled under the Centers for Disease Control’s public health authority.”

Yeah, that is gonna work.

Once the families and friends of those who made it here are told of the free hotel rooms, food, and benefits after making the dangerous trek they will sign up to leave ASAP. Tae D. Johnson’s oh-so-adorable warning will do zip to prevent another run at the border.

The Biden administration has already screwed up one of the major successes of the four years of the Trump administration in under 60 days. They have once again incentivized coming here illegally on your dime.

Just imagine how much more damage they can do in the next 1400 days.

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