Detroit Police Chief Concerned About Anti-Police Rhetoric Getting Cops Shot

Detroit Police Chief Concerned About Anti-Police Rhetoric Getting Cops Shot
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Even though the current President of the United States is constantly reminded that he needs to utter words like all together and unity, a large part of his coalition does not care. You might recall many of them last year were fond of yelling DEFUND THE POLICE and setting things on fire that were not theirs.

If the last couple of weeks is any indication, the Biden lackeys are gearing up for a rambunctious summer.

As has been covered here at Red State by my colleague Nick Arama, Portland has fired back up again BLM/Antifa Folks Storm Banks in Portland, Try To Break Into Federal Courthouse, It Doesn’t Go Well. Now in Detroit, which avoided much of this nonsense last year, the police chief is a bit concerned.

From Fox 2 Detroit

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he’s never seen such a spike in anti-police violence, and he’s been at this 44 years. In the last week alone, four times his officers have been shot at, and he’s concerned to say the least.

“I have got to tell you, I have never seen a week like last week,” Craig said.

Six times Detroit police officers were fired on, or had a gun pointed at them this year- tallying up far quicker than 2020 with 12 similar incidents.

“This is happening across our county,” Craig said. “Police officers are being shot, police officers are being fired upon, for no apparent reason.”

The reason that Detroit did not have a large problem last year, as other major cities did after the death of George Floyd, was because of a very basic concept called community policing. Chief Craig and the leadership at the Detroit Police Department, for a number of years, have made it a point to reach out to the community and local leaders and get to know them BEFORE an incident pops up. Craig has, on a number of occasions, made sure to point out that activists in the city have his personal cell phone number and can call him with any issues they have.

I wrote about an incident last year, where someone who was pulling a gun out on a Detroit Police officer was shot and killed right HERE. Some bystanders tried to stir up trouble by saying the perp was shot with his hands up. Yet Craig was able to talk with those he already had a relationship with and worked to get the video of the incident released in less than 6 hours. The mob that could have formed died out quickly — because of the action and the leadership of DPD.

Chief Craig is sounding an alarm here about the rash of shootings (there have been six) that have happened in the past week here in the City of Detroit. Being as the Motor City did avoid most of the violence that other cities did last year during the DEFUND THE POLICE nonsense, this is a tad bit concerning.

He believes that this is a mixture of both pandemic fatigue and the smoldering embers of the riots the country experienced last year, and that seems to be a fair assumption.

However, where last year we had a president who was willing to call out the destruction of private property and the targeting of police, we now have an administration that has not condemned it nearly as strongly as it should. This has the effect of emboldening those who believe violence is an acceptable way to express their grievances. Whether violence is at the U.S. Capitol or at your local family hardware store, it is NEVER acceptable — and the Biden Administration needs to step up its disapproval of this.

Detroit showed the nation last year how to not lose their minds and protect the citizens of the city without losing total control. If the violence does continue in Michigan’s largest city this year, that is probably a bad sign for what will happen with the rest of the country.

We should heed Chief Craig’s warning now and get ahead of the curve.

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