VIDEO: Detroit Police Shoot And Kill Someone Shooting at Them And Protests Still Ensue.

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Detroit Police last week went to serve a warrant on an individual when the suspects’ friend pulled out a handgun and fired at an officer at almost point-blank range. The officer shot at was able to charge the shooter with no injury to himself. The individual being arrested offered no resistance to the Detroit Police during the incident.


The video of the shooting is right here courtesy of Macomb County Scanner.

Detroit Police dash and body cam video shows suspect pulling a weapon out before he was shot and killed. Suspect fires one shot and almost hits officer in the Face!

Posted by Macomb County Scanner on Friday, July 10, 2020

As you can see Detroit Police CLEARLY were justified in taking down the shooter whose name was Hakim Littleton. The dash and body cam videos clearly show that Littleton pulled out his weapon unprovoked and fired at an officer. There is no ambiguity in this instance.

Yet protests have occurred about this incident AFTER the video was released to the media.

According to theDetroit News

Weeks of protests against racial injustice continued Saturday as demonstrators marched on the city’s west side following the death of a Black man who was shot by police a day earlier.

Protesters began marching at the intersection of McNichols and San Juan, near the location where Detroit Police officers shot and killed 19-year-old Hakim Littleton while making an arrest of another individual. The protests continued on to 7 Mile and the Lodge Freeway before circling back around.

Littleton’s older brother, Rashad Littleton-Schafer, spoke after the protesters finished their route shortly after 8 p.m. and said he is demanding a sit-down with Police Chief James Craig and Mayor Mike Duggan.

“My brother was a good, good man. He was a warrior,” Littleton-Shafer said. “I want to let everyone know this, including Chief James Craig, the mayor of Detroit. I want a meeting with them by next week.”


The brother of the deceased wants a sit down with the Mayor and Chief of Police to discuss what? Littleton tried to kill a cop at a close range and the video backs that up. This is one of the reasons why body and dash cams are absolutely invaluable for law enforcement. Had no video existed, the neighborhood where this happened would have been the center of protests for something that was 100% justified by police.

In a supercharged environment where everything is under scrutiny thankfully, Detroit Police had this video and the department did the right thing in releasing it to the public in such a quick fashion. They undoubtedly saved more turmoil from occurring in a time of seemingly endless angst.


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