Cancel Culture and Gen Z Come for Eminem, and I Have Popcorn

Cancel Culture and Gen Z Come for Eminem, and I Have Popcorn
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I knew it was only a matter of time before the rice paper thin-skinned kids known as GenZ discovered that there were artists popular before they were old enough to walk and decide to go after those folks. The self-appointed arbiters of #CancelCulture would eventually go after people long after their prime or even dead and tell us how horrible they were and likewise how we sucked for liking them.

I just figured they would NEVER go after Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem. I’m so glad they have and I just loaded up on some popcorn for the show.

Here is a li’l bit of background from PopCulture

Eminem fans are in an uproar this week, believing that TikTok users are “trying to cancel Eminem.” The rapper has a long history of controversial lyrics, from bigotry to threats of violence to fantasy descriptions of domestic battery. Still, his fans are horrified at the idea of a new generation trying to tarnish his legacy.

Eminem has been “canceled” several times in the current sense of the word, but it has never truly affected his popularity or his bottom line. The same will likely be true when the dust settles on the current fad, where young TikTok users identifying as “Gen Z” are criticizing him. In many cases, the videos seem to be purposefully ironic, but they must have fooled defensive Eminem fans who do not want to re-litigate the rapper’s most offensive lyrics.

So the kids with the perpetual upset tummies want to take on a guy that has had people ticked off since his first hit album back in 1999 entitled “The Slim Shady LP” with the clarion call song called “Just Don’t Give a *uck.” I will give you a heads up that the first letter where the * is will not be an L or a P.

We call that foreshadowing.

Long before the #CancelCulture kids discovered that diaper rash made them perpetually crabby, Marshall took on all challengers and has diced them and sliced them. When the wife of (soon to be) Vice President Dick Cheney went after Mathers in 2000 all that did was fuel his next album and song “Without Me” where he poked fun at all the outrage. Here is a sample.

I know that you got a job Ms. Cheney but your husbands heart problem’s complicating / So the FCC wont let me be or let me be me so let me see/ they tried to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty without me

The video for the song even mocked the whole notion of kids getting their hands on an Eminem cassette or C.D.’s which made him and the music more popular. This video right here only has over a BILLION VIEWS.

No one will argue that the content of some of his songs is offensive and pushes a number of buttons. The guy has made an incredible living rapping about killing his Mom and treating his ex-wife Kim like a verbal punching bag for revenge. Yet you are not going to cancel someone who literally thrives on others’ angst like yours. He has dealt with it all his life and has made it humorous for others to see.

In fact, the backlash that Gen Z has faced has actually made stars of others who have used the Marhsall Mathers formula of taking a topic and mocking it. Here is an example of someone on TikTok that used an Eminem song and changed the lyrics to poke fun at the perpetually pissy. Cassie Smith has garnered over 5 million views on the platform for mocking the little darlings.

How do you change the culture? You live as an example that others admire and don’t try to stop every little thing that gives your bum a rash. Add to that: maybe you should not be so devoid of joy 23 hours a day and lighten up — that might also help.

I’m hoping beyond hope that this is the clarion call that the nimrods of vapid feelings have finally crossed a line and get thumped. Eminem doesn’t give a flying %^&* what you think and he won’t even thank you for all the sales he will get from this ill-fated maneuver.

I have enough popcorn but I forgot the butter and Raisinets. Hopefully, this is still going on when I get back.

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