VIDEO: When O.J. Simpson Rips on Jeffery Toobin, You Know It Is Bad for the Zoom Yanker

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There are just some stories that you literally have to shake your head to knock off the cobwebs in your mind from all the stuff that has happened in 2020. This story is not actually one of those stories for me but I digress.


CNN master legal analyst and all-around super smug fella, Jeffery Toobin got himself into a bit of a sticky situation when he recently was caught pleasuring himself while live on a Zoom call. This of course leads me to a question that I think some of you may have. If a legal analyst can’t analyze the Zoom video feature to see if the video is on or off then how good is his legal analysis?

Am I right?

My colleague Mike Miller covered this story yesterday right here CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin ‘Takes Some Time Off’ After ‘Going Anthony Weiner’ on Zoom Call. So as you can see that Jeffery taking some “time off” is I’m sure the best thing for him. Really.

Now of course when something like this happens TONS of people are gonna chime in with their own version of Toobin snark directed at the Zoombater and he quite frankly deserves it. However, you know when a former icon turned modern-day villain for killing his ex-wife and an innocent bystander jumps on you it is gonna be a rough ride.

Enter, O.J. Simpson.

DAMN Jeffrey Toobin, at least Pee Wee Herman was in an X rated movie theatre, I’m just saying.

Thanks for checking in slasher.

I will give that murderous a@@#$%^ one kudo though for remembering Pee-Wee being we had all but forgotten about him. That O.J. Simpson is piling on Toobin though is one of the more odd things in a year of incredibly off things and like a really bad traffic accident, I don’t want to look but I feel like I have too in case the police need witnesses.


One last thing here.

Jake Tapper over at CNN felt compelled to tweet this at the homicidal manic Simpson…

Since Jake has moved over to CNN he has developed this habit of defending anything CNN. This is one of those things that you just keep your lid closed and allow Toobin to take the beating he deserves for being an unprofessional hack for giving his half-ass legal analysis on your network.

Also for getting off on a Zoom call.

There will be other times for you to try and be the hero Jake, so take a walk and for god’s sake always keep your hands on the table or visible while on a conference call.

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