Swing Voters in Michigan Don't Like The Idea of Vice President Harris Running President Biden

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People Don’t Like Me, They Really Don’t Like Me (Alex Wong/Pool via AP)

We now have more aftermath of the Vice Presidential Debate from last Wednesday and this new data comes from my home state of Michigan. A focus group was interviewed after the debate and it found that Kamal Harris is not as well-liked as she might imagine she is.


The focus group contained 13 people who had voted for President Obama in 2012 and for President Trump in 2016 and here are some of the findings they came across.

From Axios

Several Michigan voters who are sticking with President Trump think that if Joe Biden gets elected, Sen. Kamala Harris will be running the show — and her Wednesday debate performance reinforced their view.

These are some of the few voters for whom the vice-presidential pick has outsized importance in how they view the two tickets, and for now, that’s benefitting Trump.

This was the biggest takeaway from our special post-vice presidential debate Engagious/Schlesinger focus group with 13 voters who chose Barack Obama in 2012 but Trump in 2016.

Across all of the polls that I have read that are done with enthusiastic Biden supporters, it seems that Joe finishing the full four years is at least something they have a semi-serious concern with. This is why this V.P. debate was the second highest viewed one since the rating services have monitored viewership. Whoever wins in 25 days will be the oldest President ever sworn into office for a term of office and the person backing them up is really important.


More from the study…

“Biden’s not going to make it four years, so Kamala Harris is going to be president and I have zero trust she can be president, so I’m just picking the lesser of two evils at this point,” said Shelley D. Everyone else in the group agreed.

And while some even liked what Harris had to say at the debate, they remain skeptical of change. “I’m going to have to stick with [Trump] because I don’t know if the Left will make due on the promises they’re saying right now,” said Adam M.

Others described feeling “scared” because Harris “actually did a better job than Pence,” as one participant put it.

Several Trump voters described Pence’s debate performance as lacking “energy” and “emotion,” and they were largely frustrated that he didn’t answer most of the questions asked.

Guy D., who’s voting to re-elect President Trump, said he felt “a little disappointed” watching Pence Wednesday night “because it seemed like he didn’t get to the point.”

The one clear takeaway I get from this is that people are not super enthusiastic in this group interview about either of the candidates. They seem to be voting against someone than for the other. In my limited view from my porch, this does make a bit of sense. You have your super-enthusiastic Trump supporters and a seemingly endless enthusiastic anti-Trump that seems even larger.


Because of that vocal anti-Trump group,  one of the larger questions I have now is covered here in one of my latest pieces at Red State that ask is there a shy group of Trump supporters. Could It Be Possible That Donald Trump Wins Because of the Shy Vote? I think that is in response to the large and vocal anti-Trump cabal.

Time is getting short and every Lil clue of which way a swing state like Michigan will tilt is invaluable and this nugget reveals people don’t really like Kamla Harris.

I don’t blame them.

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