Last Weekend in August Proves Deadly for Democrat Run Chicago

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Not Doing A Great Job (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

You may not like the job President Trump is doing nationally. However, if you are rational and sane you really have to admit he is nailing it about how poorly run cities led by Democrats are faring. From riots to handling COVID or just random shootings, it seems that those areas of the country run by people with a D after their name do it really badly.


Take Chicago for instance.

This past weekend in the windy city was a pretty violent weekend and with all the other craziness going on the Windy City seems to be put on the back burner of news stories. According to the Chicago Sun Times this was a bad weekend there.

Ten people were killed and 45 more, including two Chicago police officers and a 15-year-old boy, were wounded in shootings across Chicago over the weekend.

Ahead of the weekend, Chicago police braced for protests in the city in the wake of civil unrest north of the Illinois border sparked by the Kenosha police shooting of Jacob Blake. The department’s new Critical Incident Response team, consisting of about 200 officers, was deployed downtown. Seven people were arrested at a Black Lives Matter protest at Loyola University Saturday, while a march downtown that day ended with no arrests.

Last weekend, 66 people were shot throughout the city, five of them fatally.

Why isn’t this national news? Why was not this leading on all the morning news shows today?

You had over 50 people shot, ten killed and two police officers wounded in separate events all over the city. This is absolute madness and it is not getting nearly the attention it deserves because of the nonsense going on in Portland, Kenosha, and Washington D.C. over the past week.


We also have officers being wounded and shot at a frightening clip and once again, at least in this instance, that part is buried in the story. Why would anyone want to do a job that involved going and assisting those who have been shot or hurt and they get shot themselves? I have to think that at some point self-preservation has to kick in and those first responders will say screw this.

We have an issue in this country that no one has a clear answer too about how to deal with this. However, the answer from Joe Biden and his cohorts to ignore this in the hopes that these people will start behaving and support him in November is wholeheartedly unacceptable.

Hopefully, people are seeing this and will act properly in 2 months.




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