When Will Sen. Kamala Harris Condemn The Attack On Her Colleague Rand Paul?

Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Pool via AP
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Will She Condemn Or Sstay Silent?(Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Pool via AP)

Now that the GOP convention is over, we can take a deep breath and relax to catch our collective breath in the anticipation of sprinting to the finish line with the election only 67 days away. Unless, of course, you are a recognizable political figure in ANY American city with a roaming BLM mob just lurking around, being peaceful while waiting to go not-so-peaceful.


My colleague Jennifer Van Laar covered the video earlier today of Sen. Rand Paul (R) and his wife literally being surrounded by a mob threatening them, and the D.C. police protecting them with their bodies. VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul and Wife Attacked by BLM Mob After Leaving White House.

The video above clearly shows that a recognizable elected official and his spouse were put in danger by people who are radicals and obviously supporters of Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris (D). I know that some might try to argue that they are not supporters of Joe, but you may also try to then prove the Easter Bunny is real. Simply, you are just wasting your time and we all know it.

Senator Rand Paul is a colleague of Sen. Harris. Even though the junior Senator from California is also the bottom half of the Biden ticket, she does not have to give up her seat to run for another office. She has been a colleague of Paul’s for the past couple of years and the Senate is often known as a place where people can reach across the aisle and work with each other, unlike the rogue malcontents over in the House.


The Senate values civility. Respect for others’ views. A bigger cloakroom.

I have checked all day to see if Sen. Harris has publicly condemned the attack on Sen. Paul and his wife last night in Washington D.C. and as of 7 p.m. EDT, she has not. She has not talked to anyone from the press, and the world has been treated to some of her RT’s of Joe Biden’s Twitter account that Biden himself did not write. I’m certain he does not write his own tweets, being he could never use the word”inflection” correctly in a sentence.

The Biden/Harris team, as of Wednesday, started making noise that the ‘violence” of the peaceful protesters could not continue like this. I know that must have hurt them to say but they can also read the internal poll,s and it is the one issue Trump is KILLING Biden on. Restoring Law & Order.


Will Kamala Harris have the common decency to say to her coalition that attacking her colleague from the Senate (or anyone for that matter) over a difference of opinion in a political debate is unacceptable?

Does she have the courage to do so?

Let’s wait and see if she is the leader Joe Biden says she is. I know Joe would have never stood for that, if it were his buddy John McCain.

Yet, that was a long time ago.


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