OOPS: One CNN Contributor Dissed Another CNN Talking Head Over Biden Debate Talk

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Will Joe or won’t Joe?

That is not really the question, being we all know if Joe does NOT debate Donald Trump, the election is pretty much over for Sleepy Joe. The only real speculation is if Joe breaks his leg or arm after accepting the nomination and has to do the debate over Zoom. Personally, I don’t think that wild horses could keep Joe away, and the only issue would be to remind Joe that he is not an actual cowboy while riding wild horses.


Yet a bit of a brouhaha has developed over whether or not Biden will (or should) have the wherewithal to actually verbally joust with Trump for three debates over four-and-a-half hours.


My colleague Sister Toldjah covered the whole genesis of this notion that people of the right-wing media sphere created this controversy, in her piece earlier today here: CNN’s Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcy Get Smoked After Blaming Biden Debate Speculation on ‘Right-Wing Media’

As S.T.’s article shows this was not a Fox News creation, but one of the New York Times, Newsweek, and lo and behold, CNN. As the late, great baseball announcer Mel Allen used to say, ‘How About That.”

So what gives, that CNN contributors are not all on the same page? Don’t they know that we are a mere 91 days away from the MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION in our lives? The orange guy needs to be beaten, and they need to all be pulling in the same direction.

Michael Smerconish kicked off this diss-fest by having former Bill Clinton Press Secretary-apologist, Joe Lockhart, on his show to talk about an article Joe wrote at CNN telling Biden to NOT debate President Trump. The video of Lockhart’s appearance is labeled as “Political Analyst Makes Plea For Biden Not to Debate Trump.” Lockhart, I assume, must still have influence in the Democratic Party as a former mouthpiece at the White House. We know he doesn’t have much as a CNN fella.


After that magnificent performance of practically begging Biden to dust the basement until November 3rd, we have “analyst” Oliver Darcy taking a rake to Lockhart’s argument by blaming everyone for commenting about Lockhart’s argument.

From the CNN analyst

Joe Biden is afraid to debate President Trump. He wants to stay locked away in his basement bunker. He knows he can’t match Trump’s energy and wit onstage with the country watching and the fate of the election hanging in the balance.

Or so you might think if you’re hooked on right-wing media for your news. The reality is that Biden is very much willing to debate Trump this fall. In fact, his campaign has already agreed to the three debates with Trump.

But speculation on Fox News and other right-wing media outlets has suggested otherwise. If you pay attention to this media universe, you know that stories about Biden skipping debates has totally saturated coverage. It’s everywhere. From the front page of Breitbart to Rush Limbaugh’s radio program to the shows on the country’s highest-rated cable news channel.

Once again, as Sister Toldjah in her article above shows, CNN media watch puppy Brian Stelter must have just breezed through Darcy’s post and totally ignored what Lockhart was saying. That, or possibly Brian and Oliver are dissing anyone who is involved with anything from the Bill and Hillary era.


The notion that you would not know that a fellow contributor to your network, in the age of Twitter and 24/7 cable news, is heavy breathing on any election story is ludicrous to me. Stelter and Darcy didn’t take a moment to use GOOGLE to see where this theory first popped up? I know they work at CNN, but don’t they at least do a remedial course on checking a story background before they let you write something there or talk on-air with Wolf Blitzer?

I’m going to go with: they are purposely picking on the guy (Joe) who spoke for the other guy (Bill) that was “allegedly” seen on that island that Jeffrey Epstein owned before Epstein did not kill himself.


Also, if he wants people to actually see him, let him appear on Fox.

Editor’s note: this article was edited for clarity after publication.


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