PAPERS PLEASE: Kentucky Puts Couple Under House Arrest For Not Signing COVID Papers

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Block off the house George, they won’t sign the papers(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

What in the hell is going on in the world today? The police are being used to enforce mandates passed by one elected official and the majority of Americans are looking the other way. You might think this is happening in the workers paradise os California or New York but this story comes to us from Kentucky.


Yeah, the one in the South.

According to ABC 7

A Kentucky couple is under house arrest after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and refused to sign self-quarantine papers.

Elizabeth Linscott got tested for COVID-19 because she was planning to go visit her parents.

“My grandparents wanted to see me, too, so, just to make sure that, you know, if I tested negative, that they would be okay, everything would be fine,” Linscott said.

After testing positive but without showing any symptoms, Linscott said the health department contacted her, requesting she sign documents.

“I agreed to comply to call the Health Department if I was to go. I was to call the Health Department if I was to leave my house for any reason,” she said.

But, she chose not to sign.

Linscott had agreed not to travel. She actually got tested BEFORE she left to visit her family to make sure that she was ok around them. Taking the precaution beforehand seems the responsible thing to do. Yet because she refused to sign the nice government document drafted by some bureaucrat who has very little training in how to deal in real-life situations, she is now under house arrest.


In Kentucky. The one that made the Colonels 13 herbs and spices famous.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear hasn’t singed any legislation that allows this intrusion to happen either. He signed an executive order, that is not a law. That is a clarification of how the Executive is going to implement and enforce a passed law. You know, by the state’s legislative body.

So what law in Kentucky allows the Health Dept to ask the local law enforcement folks to come in and put an ankle bracelet on you for not agreeing to sign a murky government document? I’m gonna guess that I find out what Kentucky Fried Chicken secret herbs and spices recipe is first.

This is truly a massive government overreach where people who are guilty of no crime are being punished for asking questions and not agreeing to the SIGN HERE mentality of government harpies.

As Elizabeth Linscott says herself.

“We didn’t rob a store. We didn’t steal something. We didn’t hit and run. We didn’t do anything wrong,” Linscott said.

The couple said they never denied self-quarantining. They just didn’t agree with the wording of the documents.


Common sense would tell you that if she was responsible enough to get a test done BEFORE she was going to visit family, she would be responsible enough to stay away until she gets the all-clear. Why must the heavy hand of the Kentucky authorities get involved?

Sign the papers or get an ankle bracelet so you can be tracked like a person who has been actually charged or convicted of something. Screw that.

Also screw 2020, Kentucky government officials and Bourbon.

Ok, I was joking about the Bourbon.


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