The Party of WOKE Decides to CHOKE With Only Old White People Runningf for President

YEAH DEMOCRATS..knock it off.
YEAH, DEMOCRATS..knock it off.

The real amusing thing about this whole primary season with the Democrats has been….how do they blame Trump for them running old white people?


The word racism flies off the lips of people in the progressive mindset who make their home the Democratic party as often as Bill Clinton flew on Jefferey Epstein’s plane. (Also, Epstein didn’t kill himself, just had to get that in for giggles.) So that means, a helluva lot.

When the primary gun went off last year for the people looking to earn the Democrats’ nod to take on President Trump, the party was excited by some “new blood” that had shown promise. For example, Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Kamala Harris had used valuable time at the Senate hearing to approve Brett Kavanaugh to preen for the camera and sound snazzy.

Yet all that prepping and sounding snazzy seemingly went for naught when Cory Booker told us of his departure from the race for President today, leaving only old crusty white people.

Well, in all fairness to Tulsi and Amy they are not THAT old but they are kinda white.

In the latest polling from Politico you can’t believe who is leading AGAIN with just 3 weeks to go.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is slightly ahead of his Democratic presidential rivals in a new poll of Iowa, where four candidates have locked in tight competition for first place ahead of next month’s caucuses.

The Monmouth University poll released Monday shows Biden at 24 percent among likely caucusgoers, leading Sen. Bernie Sanders at 18 percent, former South Bend (Ind.) Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 17 percent and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 15 percent. Sen. Amy Klobuchar is in fifth place, with 8 percent.


Joe Biden is 77 and Bernie Sanders is 78. That makes the combined age of the two frontrunners of the #WOKE Democratic party 155 or, in dog years, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. This is the best that the most caring people on the planet could do?

How did the remaining Democrats running all of a sudden get so old and white? Also, when do the conspiracy theories start with how this was the plan all along?

Campaigns are the ultimate rollercoaster and you need hard work, solid strategy and a lot of luck to end up in contention let alone win. Having said that, what the Democrats have left are two old white curmudgeons who have never held real jobs. Plus an old white curmudgeon who plays #WOKE like she plays an injun. Not very well. I would include Mayor Pete but most people today would have an easier time finding Iran on a map than South Bend, Indiana, so he doesn’t count.

This is the best the party of lecturing us about how to cure racism, homophobia, transgender phobia, and whatever other phobias can do? Do the vast majority of people who support Biden, Sanders, and Warren hate people of color? Do they not find value in what they say and the experiences they bring to the table? Do they hate America?

Of course not but you just wait until the backbiting starts when it gets closer to crowning either Biden or Warren (Sanders still has zero shot) and see what is said. The bitching alone from Booker, Harris, and Castro being “forced out” will be enough entertainment for a lifetime.


Yet that is what you have to expect when you run your party and principles on how you feel and how #WOKE you are as opposed to just using common sense as your guidepost. Some people never learn and quite possibly for the second Presidential cycle in a row, the Democrats will have not learned a very simple axiom.

Facts over Feelings and you will never go wrong.

Also, don’t forget Wisconsin.

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