Gun Group Sues Michigan City Over Law About Guns in Unlocked Cars.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

That quote may seem a bit over the top for this but the overall point is clear. No matter how good the intention of people trying to implement ideas that don’t work…they won’t work. Enter another law penalizing the rights of gun owners.


Back in October of this year, Eastpointe, Michigan passed a law that would penalize gun owners if they left their guns in their car and the car is unlocked. A gun advocacy group has just filed a lawsuit challenging this law. According to the Detroit News…

Detroit News

Some gun owners have taken aim at the ordinance since it was enacted in October. Gun rights advocates say the ordinance penalizes people who own firearms, but the city’s police chief and other supporters of the new law say the ordinance is aimed at cracking down on rising crime and gun violence in Eastpointe.

The Michigan Gun Owners’ attorney, James J. Makowski, said Monday the group “is not advocating in any way irresponsible gun ownership” but believes the Michigan Legislature is the only government body that can make laws regarding how gun owners store firearms.

“Our organization believes and supports responsible gun ownership, (but) the City of Eastpointe lacks the authority (to enact gun laws),” he said.

Now I don’t know any responsible gun owner that would leave a gun unattended in an unlocked car or would even suggest the practice. However, if you are the victim of a crime you can now be charged with one? Someone has to physically enter your property with the intent of theft and if the car is unlocked you will be charged also with a crime. If the criminal encounters a locked car and breaks in will that be punished one day also?


How about if they break into your home and the gun is next to your bed in a nightstand, will that be a crime soon? Where does the well-meaning “we just want to help” parade of government intervening end when it comes to the 2nd amendment? Actually, in all phases of our lives.

Charging someone with a crime when they are a victim of one is setting a very bad precedent.

The road to hell is most certainly paved with good intentions and a lot of those are probably well-meaning laws that hurt victims of crimes.

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